In a recent interview with Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor about their upcoming movie Baaghi 3 with Siddharth Kannan, the male actress admitted that he had a "huge crush" on  Shraddha Kapoor when they were in school. However, Shraddha never had a clue about it. You can watch the full video right below.

When asked why he never said anything, Tiger said that he was too scare back then do to anything but looking at her from afar. He didn't even have a thought of telling Shraddha about his feeling.

It turns out the famous Bollywood actor was just like every other boy and didn't have the courage to confess his love. He still remembers seeing her hair fly in the wind as she passed him the hallway.

The famous Bollywood actor was too afraid to confess his feeling

While Shraddha never knew about this, she said that she would "do something about it" if he told her.

Tiger actually wasn't the only person who got a crush on Shraddha. Varun Dhawan, the Street Dancer 3D co-actor of Shraddha Kapoor, also revealed last month that he had a crush on Shraddha as well but was too afraid to say anything.

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More than one famous Bollywood actor has a crush on Shraddha Kapoor

Tiger and Shraddha first worked together in the action drama movie Baaghi by Sabbir Khan. Now they are back together for the third installment of the movie, Baaghi 3. Baaghi 3 is a spiritual sequel of the first two movies and is directed by Ahmed Khan.

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Baaghi 3 will be coming on March 6

Baaghi 3 will be premiere on the big screen on March 6, The movie features the appearance of Disha Patani with the song 'Do You Love Me', which she teased on her Instagram a few days ago. You can check it out here: Disha Patani Teases Baaghi 3 Song 'Do You Love Me' With Sexy Dance Moves.