We’re sure that you’ve heard and even participated in the hype surrounding Barbenheimer. Whether you’re Team Barbie or Team Oppenheimer, it’s undeniable how big both films are in cinema history!

For Oppenheimer fans, watching just one Nolan movie wouldn’t be enough, so here are 3 other Christopher Nolan films that you need to watch or re-watch!

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The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight

We’re sure you’ve already seen this iconic film, but it’s always good to re-watch classics! This film is part of the ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and is arguably the most popular one out of the three.

With solid cast performances, there is one, however, that completely steals the show! We are, of course, talking about the infamous Joker. This vessel of absolute chaos is determined to test how far Batman is willing to go to save Gotham from destruction and has the vigilante on his toes during the whole film.

This movie is one of Nolan’s best works due to the fact that at the movie’s core, The Dark Knight is a crime thriller first and a superhero movie second, making it one of the most unique and compelling films ever! Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker (although his casting was controversial at first) cemented the movie as one of the greatest hits of cinema!

You can watch this film or the entire trilogy at Max via Spectrum.


Oppenheimer is not Nolan’s first film that revolves around the events of World War 2.

Dunkirk premiered in 2017 and tells the story of a critical turning point during the war when 400,000 Allied Forces were stranded on the French Beach and waiting to be rescued. The movie is tense from the very beginning and wastes no time creating the high stakes.

One of the most unique things about this movie is how little it relies on dialogue, and instead chooses to convey most things via expressions and body language. The sounds of the bombs and gunshots shake audiences to their core, the constant ticking of a watch raises anxiety, and the overall sound design is nothing short of phenomenal!

Dunkirk is a film about survival, about the urgency to get home, and even though we don’t know a lot about the characters’ personal stories, it doesn’t matter. We want these characters to be safe since it almost feels like we’re in the story with them – that’s how immersive this film is!


It feels only appropriate that we end this suggestion list with one of Nolan’s most popular films.

This sci-fi action epic tells the story of a thief who has the rare ability to enter people's dreams and steal secrets right from their subconscious! His unique but dangerous skill has turned him into a target, but there does lie a personal stake at the heart of this film.

The world that Nolan created for this film is quite complex and Inception is such a masterpiece that most film critics love going back to it from time to time, to analyze it further. The characters are all compelling and well-crafted to fit the grand scheme of the movie and it would be an oversight (on our part) if we didn’t mention how visually stunning the movie is!

The lack or minimal use of CGI in Nolan’s films isn’t a secret, as he prefers more practical shots which ultimately leads to some very interesting and creative shots in all his films. We’re sure that with Inception, you’ll be left speechless!

In Conclusion

Nolan once stated, “It’s encumbered on us, as filmmakers, to try and push whatever boundaries we can, and not be beholden to a theoretical rule set.

It is because of his dedication to his craft that he’s one of the most respected and influential directors in Hollywood and audiences can’t get enough of his films, with Oppenheimer being his biggest masterpiece yet!