Ever since Spider-Man joined the MCU, people have been campaigning for Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Tom Hardy's Venom to clash, as these two characters are bitter rivals in comics. With the newly signed licensing deal, this might actually become a reality. Tom Hardy seems to be in favor of this idea - in fact, he might have hinted about a potential crossover in one of his recent media post.

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Venom vs Spider-Man is one of the classic showdowns in Marvel Comics

Tom Hardy, the actor that plays Venom, often post contents related to the characters on his social media... which leads to the guy sometimes accidentally reveal something he shouldn't have. A recent post from his Instagram page showed a scene in which Venom apparently eating Spider-Man. While the post has since then been removed, people have caught it in screenshots and posted it to Twitter. While this does not really confirm anything, it is really suspicious that Tom Hardy would post the image just to delete it later. One thing that can be said about the image is that it kinda sums up the relationship between Eddie Brock's Venom and Spider-Man: they are definitely bitter rivals and Brock would definitely love to eat him alive.

Tom Hardy's deleted Instagram post

The possibility for a crossover has been discussed even before Venom released back in 2018. A crossover with one of the most famous characters in comic books would definitely boost Venom up, however, people don't really expect Venom to be that brutal, as the version Tom Hardy played is the much tamer antihero Agent Venom.

Carnage is even more brutal than Venom - the guy is a cannibal

There is no way to know when the two characters would meet up - but the upcoming showdown against Carnage is definitely a great chance. Venom 2 is going to be named "Let there be Carnage" - with the main villain being the Symbiote Carnage, an offspring of Venom. This guy is one of the most brutal and disgusting characters in Marvel comics, with the host being an escaped serial killer. In the movie, there's a chance that Venom would team up with Spider-Man to fight against Carnage.

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