Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is still one very favorite choice of Indian people when going to the Maratha Mandir theater while in fact, it has been released for more than 25 years (since 1995). Every day, there are still around 100 people who come to buy the ticket to watch this movie. This number can shoot up to 300-400 people on weekends and holidays. It's a cult classic of Indian cinema and can be considered as the Titanic of Indian.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Story

If you somehow haven't watched this movie yet then here is a brief into its story. The movie mainly revolves around the forbidden love between Raj and Simran. Simran is already engaged with a man she has never met once by her father. When both people realize their love for each other, Raj' father encourages him to go for it while Simran's father, Baldev, becomes angry and decides to move back to India. Simran meets his fiance in Indian, but she doesn't like his ignorance.

Dilwale Dulhanya
The movie really change the perspective of many Indian about Western culture

However, the next morning Raj shows up at Simran's house to reunite with her and quickly become friends with her whole family, except for her father. Simran wants to runway with Raj but he insists to stay and get the approval of her father to marry her. Baldev, knowing that Raj was the guy with his daughter in Europe, humiliates Raj and asks him to leave.

Their love is finally approved by her father

When Raj is waiting for the train to leave, Simran's fiance and his friends come to beat him. Everyone eventually comes to stop the fight, but the train is leaving and Raj must go. Baldev still holds on to his daughter to stop her from coming with him, but then eventually let her go, realizing that it's true love.

Why Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is still famous till now

The story of DDLJ seems just like any other love story that we can see nowadays, but why it is so much more popular?

Let's not forget that this movie was released in 1995 when India was just open up to the world. Many people at the time were still resisting new cultures with things such as jeans, western clothes,... This movie gave out a strong message that no matter what you wear, you are still an Indian on the inside. The whole narrative of the movie combined with many hit songs and memorable moments has made it an engaging movie and the inspiration for the Bollywood cinema industry.

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