The popular YouTuber Logan Paul has turned out to be a boxer. He has announced to join a special exhibition with Floyd Mayweather on February 20th. Then, he wants to fight the actor Chris Hemsworth, famous for his " Thor " role in the Avenger franchise.

Youtuber Logan Paul Challenged "Thor" Actor Chris Hemsworth

Although Logan Paul hasn't fought Floyd Mayweather, an American professional boxer in the upcoming special boxing exhibition match this February, the Youtuber is finding his next opponent. Paul has retweeted a video featuring Chris Hemsworth practicing boxing on the pads and wrote a caption that he would fight the actor after his match with Mayweather.

Logan Paul Challenge Thor Actor
Logan Paul Challenged "Thor" Actor Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is a handsome and famous actor who is widely known for his role of Thor in the Avenger team. Logan Paul is also confident that he can knock out the professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in their match this February. Then, Hemsworth will be his next opponent.

Logan Paul Boxing Match Feb
The Youtuber is going to joining a match with the American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather this February.

His tweet attracted a lot of followers of both stars and got over 27 thousand view counts after a few hours. The "Thor" actor hasn't reacted to Paul's tweet or answered his challenge yet. But a lot of fans are looking forwards to this match. Many people also urged Hemsworth to accept Paul's challenge.

Paul Called Out Thor
Paul Called Out Thor but the actor hasn't accepted his challenge yet.

If they really step on the boxing stage, Hemsworth may get a disadvantage because he's 12 years older than the Youtuber. Moreover, the Australian actor does not have much experience on boxing pads. Meanwhile, many people believe that it's hard for Paul to convince Hemsworth to fight with him.

Paul Vs Ksi
Paul lost the match with KSI recently.

Logan Paul is a 26-year-old YouTuber from the US with 26 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Previously, he is famous for his comedy videos on Vibe. Recently, he has turned to work as a boxer. He has lost in the match with the YouTuber KSI recently. However, this young YouTuber still got great fame after the match that made the professional boxer Floyd Mayweather agree to fight him.