On January 9, Justin Bieber had an unforeseen interview with the Hollywood Fix and while going out with Hailey Baldwin. Justin had an interesting answer when it came to the famous Youtuber - Logan Paul.

The Hollywood Fix reporter asked a question that if he has ever to listen to the podcast of Logan Paul yet.

Without giving a straight answer to the problem, Justin showed a hidden smile and said this was the 2nd time the reporter asked about Logan Paul. Moreover, Justin asked the reporter if he was interested in Paul. And then it was confirmed that the reporter was definitely in love with Logan.Fix's reporter seemed a bit surprised at Justin's answer. Still not sure how Justin felt about Paul's shows, but he didn't seem to care or like Logan very much when he called this YouTuber as "kid". You can watch the entire interview below:

Although Bieber did not give any straightforward answers about his feelings for Logan Paul’s podcast, many thought he was not very sympathetic to the Paul brothers. Perhaps it is because of the ludicrous Logan has done and it is also possible that this Canadian singer doesn't care much about vlogs, according to his speech in early 2018.

A year ago, Justin also mocked about the video opening of these two YouTubers. It was during the skiing trip with Christian Beadles - also a YouTuber, Justin imitated the saying of Paul "What’s up, vlog? It’s vlog city time, vlog time with your boys Christian and JB. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are.”

In early November last year, Bieber was also invited to appear on a YouTuber documentary - Shane Dawson. And that invitation has never had a reply from Justin.

Maybe Paul didn't get any of Justin's opinions about his programs, but "imPaulsive" has also invited many celebrities, influential people on the Internet and other top YouTubers. Typical are Josh Peck is an actor in Drake & Josh and Brendan Schaub is a comedian.

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