Many horror games from the 2000s are deserving of sequels, yet only a handful actually receive them or spiritual successors. However, for the preservation of gaming history and the delight of horror fans, most of these games are re-released on different platforms, and a few even receive updated versions. It's even rarer for some titles to be completely remade or rebooted while retaining the best elements from the originals.

Old School Horror Games

Nevertheless, the games left in the past still possess distinct qualities that set them apart, qualities that later games either didn't capture or didn't execute as effectively. These games boast unique gameplay mechanics, specific art styles, intricate lore, and an immersive atmosphere, making them worthy of rediscovery. Even if they don't get direct sequels, the aspects that made them exceptional are valuable and should be incorporated into new titles or series.

1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Frequently recognized as one of the standout horror games of the 2000s, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem introduced groundbreaking concepts to the genre. Its skillful utilization of Lovecraftian horror, innovative sanity effects that break the fourth wall, diverse playable characters, and sophisticated camerawork earned it critical acclaim.

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Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Even though the original developer, Silicon Knights, ceased operations, Nintendo currently holds the rights to the game and its distinctive Sanity Meter feature. Considering Nintendo's successful releases of horror titles like Fatal Frame and Resident Evil on the Nintendo Switch, a remake for the console would be a fitting and welcomed move.

2. Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground, also known as Demento, is widely recognized as originating from a prototype version of Resident Evil 4, titled “Castle.” In this version scripted by Shinji Mikami, Leon S. Kennedy was meant to infiltrate a castle pursued by a Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.). During his journey, he would have encountered a woman and her B.O.W. dog companion.

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Haunting Ground

This woman and her dog formed the foundation for Fiona and Hewie as "Castle" evolved into its own game. Consequently, Haunting Ground became a homage to the fixed-camera horror style that was initially associated with Resident Evil. This decision greatly benefited the game, creating a suspenseful horror experience. Hewie, in particular, stands out as a noteworthy example of companion AI in video games and is deserving of a return in a remake or remaster.

3. Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond is frequently hailed as one of the top horror games on the PS2. Differing from the typical focus on combat, this game emphasizes survival horror, utilizing puzzles to steer players through its sci-fi supernatural narrative. Players assume the role of Richard, who must escape from ghosts rather than confronting them or dispersing their mist.

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Echo Night: Beyond

These ghosts create intense moments of suspense as Richard navigates the desolate space station. However, the game isn't solely reliant on jump scares; it intricately weaves environmental storytelling to provide a lasting and immersive experience.

4. Rule of Rose

The coming-of-age experiences of women often involve unimaginable horrors, even to those who share the same gender identity. Rule of Rose weaves together themes of female adolescence, trauma, bullying, and violence against women, crafting a haunting horror narrative.

Rule of Rose

Regarding gameplay, the game features an investigative dog companion akin to Haunting Ground's loyal canine partner. However, Rule of Rose prioritizes exploration over gameplay mechanics. The game's strong focus on exploration, coupled with its compelling story and atmosphere, would greatly benefit from a remake that addresses its awkward controls and mechanics.

5. Cold Fear

This action horror game would fit seamlessly into today's gaming market. During its prime, Cold Fear faced stiff competition from Resident Evil 4, leading to unjust comparisons due to their similar development timelines. Ubisoft's initial venture into action-horror was visually appealing, delivering genuine frights and an innovative combat system.

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Cold Fear

Players have the option to switch between an over-the-shoulder perspective and a fixed third-person view. To defeat enemies completely, players must destroy their brains, but without proper precautions, these foes could revive. Since players lack an inventory, they need to be vigilant about locating essential supplies like health packs nearby.

The setting of Cold Fear, the ship itself, is crucial. Players must anticipate its movements, preparing for significant waves and abrupt shifts. Their Resistance gauge determines whether they can hold their ground or risk going overboard, adding an extra layer of tension to the gameplay.

6. Kuon

In Kuon, female exorcists and onmyoji venture into the cursed Fujiwara Manor to rescue Ashiya Doman, a historical figure. Utsuki and Sakuya employ their weapons and magical abilities to combat creatures and solve puzzles, gradually uncovering the manor's horrors.

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Based on kaidan, tales of vengeful female spirits, Kuon provides a fascinating glimpse into Edo-period Japanese horror. Its rarity is reflected in its steep price, starting at $764 and above, making it a coveted item among horror enthusiasts. This high demand is understandable given the game's immersive setting, intricate storylines, and masterful use of music and lighting, creating a truly atmospheric horror experience. With FromSoftware's expertise in crafting compelling combat encounters, there is potential for this hidden gem in their catalog to be revived.

7. D2

In the game D2, Laura Parton manages to survive a terrorist attack on a commercial flight but ends up stranded in the Canadian wilderness after a meteor strike. In the vast woods of the Great White North, Laura and another survivor, Kimberly, are besieged by other survivors transformed into terrifying creatures by an unknown force.

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Drawing parallels between the game's enigmatic atmosphere and Twin Peaks is justified. D2 features melodrama, eerie supernatural occurrences, and peculiar logic, all centered around the "virtual actress" Laura Parton. If the gameplay undergoes significant improvements, D2 and its protagonist, Laura Parton, could make a comeback, paying homage to classic horror games of the past.

8. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

The horror-adventure game stands out due to its linear levels and realistic approach, featuring a HUD-free interface even during combat. Players must observe Jack Walters' movements and breathing patterns closely to monitor his health and sanity. Injuries such as broken limbs impact Jack's aiming and mobility, and a loss of sanity results in auditory, visual, and controller glitches.

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Call of Cthulhu

By removing typical video game cues, Call of Cthulhu effectively captures the unsettling essence of Lovecraft's cosmic Americana horror. Regrettably, it was slightly ahead of its time, as its high level of difficulty proved to be a significant barrier for many players. However, in today's gaming landscape, where many gamers are accustomed to or seek out challenging games, it could potentially find a more receptive audience.

9. Lifeline

Operator's Side, also known as Lifeline in North America, stood out as one of the few games utilizing the PS2's microphone to control the character. In this game, players guide cocktail waitress Rio Hohenheim to safety within a space hotel infested with monsters, using the mic to command her actions like shooting, using health packs, and more.

Maxresdefault 5

The presence of monsters and intense situations significantly increases the challenge, especially in fast-paced encounters and stealth segments. However, reviewers noted the need for improved consistency in its voice recognition system, particularly during these crucial moments. A revival on contemporary platforms, equipped with superior voice recognition software and microphones, could bring the game's original vision to fruition.

10. The Thing

Frequently, video games adapted from popular movies fall short, leaving fans disappointed as they fail to capture the essence of the beloved films. However, occasionally, a game associated with a movie manages to meet expectations.

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The Thing

"The Thing" is a prime example of such a game. Inspired by John Carpenter's early 1980s film, it plunges players into an investigation of mysterious events at a secluded Antarctic research station. As expected, things take a dark turn, revealing scenes of horrifying violence and suggesting the involvement of extraterrestrial life forms (alongside a human-made conspiracy). Now, the responsibility falls on you and your fellow US Army special operations troops to unravel the mysteries, bring order to the chaotic area, and restore peace.

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