Elden Ring offers an abundance of content, captivating players for over 50 hours, despite its open world not being exceptionally large in the grand scheme. Spanning 30.5 square miles or 79 square kilometers, it surpasses some classic open-world games like Skyrim but falls short compared to many others. However, Elden Ring distinguishes itself by its densely packed environment, where players can discover numerous surprises within a single area even after extensive exploration. While it may not boast the largest size, the game compensates with its rich and diverse offerings, acknowledging that there are still games with more expansive maps.

1. Minecraft

2,500,000+ Square Miles

Minecraft Pumpkin 1

Minecraft made a significant impact on the world upon its 2011 debut and has sustained its popularity for over a decade, with nearly 250 million copies sold. The game's immense appeal lies in its capacity for users to craft and construct virtually anything imaginable. The vast open world of Minecraft, exceeding two and a half million square miles, acts as an ideal sandbox for players to unleash their creativity.

Fully exploring a Minecraft world would require multiple lifetimes, given its colossal size, surpassing not only the Earth but also the combined area of every planet in the solar system. While a few space-themed games may boast larger maps, Minecraft stands unparalleled in the realm of single landmasses, with few video games coming close, let alone surpassing its magnitude.

2. The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

80,823 Square Miles

Initially, Daggerfall's expansive open world may appear astonishing. The sheer vastness allows players to traverse for extensive periods without reaching an apparent conclusion. However, this grand scale is somewhat deceiving, as Daggerfall's world lacks visual diversity for prolonged stretches, making the experience less impressive.

105598 The Elder Scrolls Chapter Ii Daggerfall Dos

The entire world is procedurally generated, resulting in navigational challenges and a lack of engaging visuals. The success of Morrowind becomes understandable, given its handcrafted, substantial, and revolutionary open world, contrasting with the procedural design of Daggerfall.

3. Fuel

5,560 Square Miles

Fuel's map surpasses the size of nearly every recently constructed open-world map, an impressive accomplishment considering the game is over a decade old. However, this achievement comes with a caveat, as the world is predominantly empty, except for designated areas where players can initiate instanced events and races.

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Set in a post-apocalyptic rendition of the USA, Fuel doesn't utilize the entire country for its map. Instead, it is configured with the Pacific Ocean in the northeast and the Grand Canyon in the southwest. Completing a full circuit of the map takes 8 real-world hours, although the drive lacks significant points of interest.

4. The Crew

1,900 Square Miles

The United States is vast, so even a downsized representation of it is incredibly expansive. Featuring every major city, landmarks, and open spaces for exploration, the game map is filled with numerous details that many players might not even notice.

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 3
The Crew

Racing across the country using the game's fastest cars would typically take the average player between 20 and 30 minutes to travel from coast to coast. However, this approach would overlook the intricately packed details embedded throughout the map. Given the ability for players to traverse it using various vehicle types, there are virtually no out-of-bounds areas.

5. Ghost Recon Breakpoint

782 Square Miles

Drawing inspiration from Arma, it was evident that for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to deliver the immersive and enduring military experience it aimed to provide, the map had to be exceptionally vast. Considerations included realistic distances for weaponry and the diverse approaches players could take in completing missions.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint Got A New Live
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The map comprises one extensive island, accompanied by several smaller ones to the north and south. Within this expanse lie jungle landscapes, towering peaks, and picturesque valleys—all of which players can leverage strategically when engaging a target.

6. Just Cause 3

400 Square Miles

Just Cause 4
Just Cause

In an open world where the primary objective is often destruction, an abundance of content is essential. The Just Cause series has consistently grasped this concept, crafting expansive open worlds since the second installment.

Each game is overflowing with elements for Rico Rodriguez to detonate, accompanied by a plethora of inventive methods to achieve this. Although Just Cause 3 and 4 share comparable sizes, the third installment edges ahead as the larger game, particularly when factoring in the additional areas introduced by the downloadable content (DLC).

7. True Crime: Streets Of LA

240 Square Miles

True Crime was often dismissed as a mere imitation of the Grand Theft Auto series, and such comparisons were understandable, given the striking similarities to Rockstar's highly popular franchise. However, these games had their enjoyable aspects, and True Crime: Streets of LA serves as a notable example.

True Crime
True Crime: Streets Of LA

Streets of LA boasts one of the largest open worlds in gaming history, featuring an expansive recreation of Los Angeles with its share of iconic landmarks. Despite the vast scale, the open world may feel somewhat desolate and lacking in vitality compared to GTA. Nevertheless, players seeking a classic open-world title that has largely faded from memory might appreciate what Streets of LA has to offer.

8. Xenoblade Chronicles X

154 Square Miles

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles X

The Xenoblade series has consistently delivered expansive games, featuring visually stunning wide-open areas that push the limits of the hardware they run on. Notably, Xenoblade Chronicles X stood out in this aspect, stretching the capabilities of the Wii U to its maximum to craft a colossal world.

Packed with diversions and regions contributing to the franchise's reputation for lengthy playtimes, the player's journey spans various locations, allowing exploration of every nook and cranny. Uncovering the game's numerous secrets becomes an engaging pursuit, involving challenging battles and formidable super-bosses that demand strategic prowess.

9. Arma 3

112 Square Miles

Best Plane Games Arma 3
Arma 3

The Arma series is renowned for being among the top realistic military games, and a significant factor contributing to this reputation is the meticulous world design. Despite featuring fictional locations, the developers prioritize accuracy in terrain and distances.

The most extensive map in the series is Altis, located in Arma 3, covering an area of 112 square miles. It encompasses diverse landscapes, including plains, swamps, and towns. Whatever operations players undertake, the island consistently presents new challenges and scenarios to navigate.

10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

90 Square Miles

Assassins Creed Odyssey Pc
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Encompassing an entire country comprised of numerous Mediterranean islands was undoubtedly a challenging undertaking, but the Ubisoft team successfully achieved it on an impressive scale. Assassin's Creed Odyssey boasts the franchise's largest world to date, spanning from towering mountains to the deepest seas, creating an ideal backdrop for a grand adventure filled with hidden secrets.

In addition to incorporating the typical elements of an Assassin's Creed game, the world had to accommodate a conflict between the Spartans and the Athenians. Each region aligned with one of the factions, allowing players to engage troops and influence the balance of power. Coupled with the compelling sailing gameplay, the result is a vast and diverse world that continually entices players to explore its expanses.

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