As gamers navigate the streets of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5, they may find themselves desiring weapons too hefty to carry. In this game, players can equip their vehicles with powerful mounted weapons, transforming their cars into formidable killing machines that intimidate anyone daring to cross their path.

To truly dominate the roads in Grand Theft Auto 5, players should seek out these specialized mounted weapons, both in the single-player mode and Grand Theft Auto Online. These weapons provide players with a strategic edge against law enforcement, Merryweather mercenaries, rival gangs, and even other players, as long as they are utilized effectively.

1. Oppressor Mark 2

Arguably the most formidable vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 5 is the Oppressor Mark 2. This extraordinary vehicle not only boasts a rocket boost that allows it to navigate both roads and skies effortlessly but can also be equipped with immensely powerful weaponry, turning anyone it encounters into a prime target for obliteration.

Gta 5 Client Jobs For Oppressor Mk2
Oppressor Mark 2

Although exclusive to Grand Theft Auto Online, the Oppressor Mark 2 justifies its steep price tag, which can soar up to $8,000,000 with necessary upgrades. Its precision-guided missiles and mounted turrets make it a versatile weapon suitable for both troublemakers and allies alike.

2. Vigilante

Who wouldn't aspire to be like Batman? Need I say more about the Vigilante? This vehicle draws direct inspiration from the Batmobile featured in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie. With the Vigilante, players can prowl the streets of Los Santos just like the Caped Crusader, operating a swift vehicle armed with missiles capable of locking onto targets, be they vehicles or individuals.

Vigilante Gtao Frontquarter

The Vigilante also offers a boost option, enabling players to accelerate on roads or utilize hills to swiftly maneuver through the air. While the Vigilante is an impressive vehicle, it's unfortunate that it doesn't have a presence in Grand Theft Auto 5 and is exclusive to Grand Theft Auto Online. However, for those willing to invest nearly $4,000,000, the Vigilante can be theirs to command.

3. Insurgent Pick-Up

The Insurgent stands out as a formidable vehicle, capable of withstanding a staggering number of homing launcher rockets, RPGs, grenades, and explosive rounds. It proves to be one of the most effective vehicles for navigating the hazards of Los Santos safely. Even more impressive is its variant, the Insurgent Pick-Up, which features a mounted turret.

Insurgent Pickup Custom
Insurgent Pick-Up

Although the mounted turret on the Insurgent Pick-Up may not be the most powerful for damage control, it deserves recognition because it takes a substantial force, including numerous soldiers armed with RPGs, to finally destroy the vehicle. With a price tag of $1,795,500, players should not be discouraged from acquiring this true powerhouse on wheels.

4. Buzzard Attack Chopper

For a price of $2,000,000, players have the opportunity to acquire this formidable aerial vehicle. The Buzzard Attack Chopper can be strategically utilized by players, who can either request Pegasus to deliver it to a nearby helipad or find it within Grand Theft Auto 5 at Fort Zancudo or the NOOSE Headquarters on Sustancia Road.

Buzzard Attack Chopper
Buzzard Attack Chopper

What sets the Buzzard Attack Chopper apart is its exceptional ability to evade locked-on missiles. Additionally, it is equipped with mounted machine turrets and an abundance of rockets that can be fired and locked onto targets, making players a true force to be reckoned with in the skies.

5. P-996 Lazer

The military always possesses top-notch equipment, and the P-996 Lazer stands out as one of their best assets. This weaponized jet provides a significant advantage to players aspiring to dominate the skies in Grand Theft Auto 5. Though challenging to obtain due to its location within the heavily guarded Fort Zancudo, the risk of violence and chaos against the military is worthwhile for this valuable piece of equipment.

P996 Lazer Gta V
P-996 Lazer

Armed with mounted cannons, the P-996 Lazer can obliterate anything with just a single bullet, capable of exploding vehicles and jets on impact. Another notable feature of the P-996 Lazer is its guided missile system, enabling players to lock on and eliminate their rivals both in the air and on the ground.

6. Rhino Tank

Players have the option to acquire their very own tank for $3,00,000, or they can choose a more daring route by heading straight to Fort Zancudo to snatch it from the United States military. The Rhino Tank boasts an impressive array of weaponry. It features a simple turret that can be fired from the safety of its armored interior, as well as a powerful cannon capable of launching shells with enough force to cause widespread devastation to anyone it hits.

Gta Tank
Rhino Tank

Interested players should consider the Rhino Tank, providing them with a secure armored vehicle equipped with formidable mounted weapons. This allows players in Grand Theft Auto 5 to engage in warfare within Los Santos, settling scores with anyone they have grievances against.

7. JB 700W

For those who have ever dreamt of stepping into the shoes of James Bond, the JB 700W offers a taste of that experience. This car is directly inspired by the iconic British spy franchise and is modeled after the real-life Aston Martin DB5, incorporating design elements from James Bond's famous vehicle.

Gta Online Deluxo

The JB 700W can be personalized with an array of mounted weapons, such as machine guns installed at the headlights and spikes that can be deployed onto the road, enabling players to puncture the tires of their rivals. Additionally, the car comes equipped with proximity mines that can detonate vehicles in pursuit on the road.

8. Fire Truck

The Fire Truck can be spotted amidst the dedicated firefighters striving to combat the dangers lurking in Los Santos. Well, when one says "spotted," they really mean "acquired" through less conventional means. While the Fire Truck lacks missiles, machine gun turrets, or heat-seeking rockets, it boasts something more intriguing: a water cannon.

Cypress Flats Gta 5 Armored Truck
Armored Truck

Players can employ the Fire Truck's water cannon to pester and disarm adversaries, keeping them grounded as they are continuously drenched. Although the Fire Truck cannot be stored, it provides enjoyable gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5 and is worth experimenting with.

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