Grand Theft Auto 5 offers players the freedom to engage in a wide range of activities, such as stealing cars, robbing stores, or going on a rampage using various weapons. However, engaging in such actions is likely to attract the attention of the relentless police force in the game. The police in GTA 5 are more aggressive than before, and players can't evade them indefinitely. Consequently, players may find themselves compelled to confront the police. Those opting to resist law enforcement will need access to high-quality weapons to stand a chance against their pursuers.

1. Micro SMG

Any player seeking an extended combat experience with the police in GTA 5 will require a dependable weapon. Fortunately, the Micro SMG offers excellent value for its price. This lightweight firearm doesn't hinder the player's movement and boasts remarkable accuracy.

Microsmg Gtav
Micro SMG

What sets the Micro SMG apart is its rapid rate of fire. Players can swiftly eliminate a room full of NPCs within seconds, sustaining minimal damage. Additionally, this SMG is potent enough to inflict damage on police vehicles, making it even more advantageous that it can be used while driving. The Micro SMG proves versatile during a police chase, handling various situations effectively—players just need to ensure they keep its ammo replenished.

2. C4

The C4 is an explosive that players can obtain early in the game, but unlike other weapons, it doesn't explode upon contact with a target. Instead, players must manually detonate these bombs later. This feature enables players to strategically place the explosives in an area and trigger them from a safe distance.

Gta 5 Sticky Bombs

While some players might find it challenging to figure out how to detonate these explosives, they prove invaluable in various situations. C4 allows players to set traps and eliminate pursuers without detection. Additionally, their ability to destroy cars makes them useful for quickly clearing roadblocks during a police chase.

3. RPG

Weapons in video games don't always need to be sophisticated, and this fact is glaringly obvious with the RPG in GTA 5. The RPG is a rocket launcher capable of firing a single rocket that causes a chaotic explosion upon impact.

Hominglauncher Gtav
Homing Launcher

Anything caught in the rocket's path is almost guaranteed to suffer significant damage. This is precisely why GTA players have been relying on this weapon since the franchise's beginning to eliminate cars, boats, helicopters, and tanks—essentially, any vehicles accessible to the police.

4. Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher has been a consistent feature in the Grand Theft Auto series since it made its debut on the PS2. Instead of firing individual bullets, this weapon propels live grenades toward the enemy.

Compactgrenadelauncher Gtav
Grenade Launcher

Although it may not be ideal for targeting individual foes, the grenade launcher is highly effective against large groups of enemies, cars, and even helicopters, provided the player has sufficient skill. However, players need to exercise caution, as the weapon's blast radius is substantial. Careless handling could result in players accidentally harming themselves with a stray grenade.

5. Minigun

Players witness the Minigun's devastating power firsthand during the 'The Paleto Score' campaign mission. In this heist, the weapon is provided to players as part of the crew's escape strategy. Donning a bullet-proof suit, the player roams the streets, effortlessly shredding through vehicles and NPCs with a relentless barrage of bullets.

Gtaonline 12909 Freemodeevents Minigun 932 1080

There are few items in anyone's arsenal that can withstand the overwhelming force of a player armed with a Minigun, making it an exhilarating choice in any game. Players can acquire this weapon after successfully completing the 'The Paleto Score' heist. Unfortunately, the bullet-proof clothing is not available for purchase, so players must exercise caution when going on a rampage with the Minigun in the open-world segments of the game.

6. Sniper Rifle

In previous Grand Theft Auto games, using a Sniper Rifle in a police chase might not have been the most practical choice, as these rifles were better suited for specific missions or online activities. However, in GTA 5, the hiding mechanism during a police pursuit makes the Sniper Rifle a valuable asset.

Heavysnipermkii Gtav
Sniper Rifle

During a chase, a sniper can discreetly eliminate approaching officers with a single shot, effectively evading their pursuit. Additionally, this weapon proves highly effective in taking down bothersome police helicopters in the vicinity. While hiding from the police may not be the most thrilling method to shake off a five-star wanted level in GTA, players can employ their creativity when using a Sniper Rifle in these situations.

7. Combat MG

The Combat MG appears and is indeed powerful. Although it comes with a high price tag, this machine gun enables the player to unleash multiple rounds simultaneously, capable of causing damage to both cars and police officers in GTA 5.

Combatmgmkii Gtav
Grenade Launcher

Ammunition for this weapon is scarce, and its weight can impede the player's movement. Nevertheless, having this gun readily available is essential for handling any challenges that the Los Santos police may present to the player.

8. Combat Pistol

At first glance, the standard combat pistol might not appear impressive, but players will appreciate having it within reach during a police pursuit. It's among the initial weapons available in GTA 5 and is possibly one of the simplest to wield.

Appistol Gtav
Combat Pistol

During a police chase, the combat pistol can be fired from a vehicle and used to eliminate isolated officers with precision headshots. At the very least, it proves invaluable during a final stand, as many in-game police officers drop free ammunition for this firearm.

About the Wanted System

The Wanted System in GTA 5 and GTA Online is a crucial feature enforcing law and order, providing players with a realistic experience. Law enforcement responds to player actions, escalating through five Wanted levels. Here's a summary:

  1. One Star:
    • Police attempt to arrest the player.
    • Conditions include discharging a firearm in public, attacking civilians, stealing vehicles, and more.
  2. Two Stars:
    • Police shoot to kill and use aggressive tactics.
    • Conditions include evading arrest, robbing stores, and attacking security guards.
  3. Three Stars:
    • Officers wear bulletproof vests, set roadblocks, and deploy sharpshooters.
    • Conditions include entering restricted areas and shooting down aircraft.
  4. Four Stars:
    • NOOSE units join the chase, using heavy firepower.
    • Conditions include entering military bases and causing extensive damage.
  5. Five Stars:
    • Max level with aggressive police pursuit.
    • Conditions involve significant collateral damage and retaliation against law enforcement.

At each level, police response intensifies, making it challenging for players to escape at higher wanted levels.

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