2019 is the mark of the 15th anniversary of one of the most legendary matches in the history of the fighting game genre. Of course, I am talking about the match between Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara back in 2004 on  Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. They have named it the Moment 37 in EVO or "Daigo Parry". By the new, we have some new videos of the legendary battle, that is all thanks to Mark Julio of EVO.

The event of EVO 2004

So this the event that the legendary took part in was the EVO 2004 - particularly the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike final competition round. They hosted that event in California,  Pomona, at California State Polytechnic University back in the 1st of August, 2004. The best friends couple in Competitive Street Fighter of that time Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara aka "The Beast"  have never gone against each other until that decisive match. Despite that, we have already known the two are kinda being supposed rivalry for a long time alredy because of their different playing styles. Back in the EVO 2004, Street Fighter was the only game remained to be played on an arcade cabinet while all the others were played on home consoles. Wong and Umehara compete with one another in the finals for losers of the tournament.

Evo Moment
In that match, Wong chose Chun-Li while Umehara played Ken.

The new perspective

In the freshly released footage, I am sure that you could notice a completely different fight from a new angle. More important, from the audio in the footage we could also hear them talking about the match in real time. We were sure that you know what is coming in this legendary match. But hearing all of those cheering from the spectators is a trip itself. It helps dramatize everything up several knots

For comparison, below is the original footage of the match.

If you want to dig deeper about this event, then check out the documentary video below. It summarizes all about Wong and Umehara and they will also talk about how their lives have changed ever since.