Minecraft fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming 1.20 update, known as Trails & Tales. While its release date remains uncertain, players are getting ready for the new content by gathering resources, completing builds, and making plans with friends. Once prepared, all that's left is to wait for Mojang to release the full update.

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Minecraft 1.20

Without a confirmed release date for Minecraft 1.20, what can you do in your world to prepare? The answer is quite straightforward: you can do anything you desire. However, taking certain steps now will allow you to promptly take advantage of specific gameplay features once the update arrives.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 important things to do before Minecraft 1.20 comes out.

1. Find or farm some Bamboo

In the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, two new types of wood, bamboo wood and cherry tree wood, will be introduced to the game. Of the two, bamboo planks are notable as the first wood blocks that are not directly obtained from tree blocks. To prepare for this addition, version 1.19 offers several ways to collect bamboo.

Minecraft Live Bamboo

Bamboo can be found naturally growing in jungle biomes, particularly in bamboo jungle biomes. Alternatively, it can be obtained by killing pandas, although this might not be desirable for players who wish to avoid harming innocent pandas. For a more peaceful approach, bamboo can be acquired by fishing in jungle biomes using a fishing rod or by looting it from jungle temples or shipwreck structures. It is advisable to gather a sufficient amount of bamboo to ensure an abundant supply of the new wood variant, as it is likely to complement various building styles.

2. Find some warm ocean ruins

Minecraft 1.20 introduces an exciting new addition known as the sniffer, a mob that won the Mob Vote in 2022 as chosen by the player community. Once the 1.20 update is available, players will have the opportunity to obtain sniffer eggs by brushing suspicious sand blocks found within warm ocean ruin structures.

Minecraft Coral
Warm Ocean

To be well-prepared, it is advisable to locate one of these structures underwater in advance. This way, you can easily travel to it and proceed to brush the suspicious sand blocks present. With luck on your side, you may collect a sniffer egg from the sand, which can then be hatched into a baby snifflet.

3. Gather feathers, copper ingots, and sticks

In Minecraft's Trails & Tales update, archeology, which was originally planned for the Caves & Cliffs update, is finally being introduced. To fully enjoy this new gameplay feature, you will require one or more brushes. These tools can be crafted by combining a stick, a feather, and a copper ingot on a crafting table. Each of these materials can be obtained from various sources and, in some cases, even farmed.

Lots Of Copper And Tridents Easy Minecraft Drowned
Copper ingots

Here's how to gather the crafting materials for the brush in Minecraft:

  • Feathers - Killing chickens and parrots will yield feathers, and the drop rate can be increased with the Looting enchantment on your weapon. Tamed cats may occasionally provide feathers when they wake up, and foxes might carry feathers in their mouths. You can either kill the foxes or offer them food to obtain feathers. Feathers can also be found in shipwrecks and villages.
  • Copper Ingots - There are two primary methods of obtaining copper ingots in Minecraft. You can mine raw copper and smelt it in a furnace to create ingots, or you can kill drowned zombies, which have an 11% chance to drop copper ingots upon death.
  • Sticks - Fortunately, sticks are easily obtained. Simply chop down a few wood blocks from a nearby tree, convert them into planks, and stack two stacks of planks on top of each other to create sticks. Sticks can also be crafted by stacking bamboo, fishing them up as junk items, breaking dead bushes and leaf blocks, killing witches, or finding them in villages.

4. Snag a saddle and find a desert village

In Minecraft 1.20, camels will also be introduced, although they may not be as popular as the sniffer. These mobs will spawn in desert village structures, so it is advisable to locate one and keep it in mind before the arrival of the 1.20 update. Additionally, to efficiently ride a camel, you will need a saddle, so it is recommended to acquire one in advance. Since saddles cannot be crafted in vanilla Minecraft, you will need to find them through other means.

Desert Minecraft
Desert Minecraft

Here's how to obtain a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Looting chests in various structures such as dungeons, ancient cities, bastion remnants, desert temples, End cities, jungle temples, Nether fortresses, strongholds, and villages.
  • Fishing them up as a treasure item. It is recommended to use the Luck of the Sea enchantment on a fishing rod if you choose this method.
  • Trading with a leatherworker villager who has reached the Master profession level.
  • Saddles can be dropped when players kill zombified piglins riding striders and can also be obtained by killing ravagers.
  • Once players have obtained a saddle, they can use it on a camel. The camel can then be fully controlled while riding it, and it will not wander away from the desert village where it spawned.

5. Build a smithing table

In Minecraft 1.20, there are significant revisions alongside fresh content, including new functionalities for the smithing table block. This block will now serve the purpose of upgrading gear to netherite quality and creating armor trims using special lootable items called smithing templates. Although these templates will only be available in generated structures after the release of version 1.20, you can prepare by constructing a smithing table.

Minecraft Armor Trims All
Armor Trims

Building a smithing table is a simple and affordable process, requiring two iron ingots and four wooden planks of any type. Combine these resources in a crafting table, and you will have a functional table ready to facilitate armor trims and netherite upgrades in the Trails & Tales update.

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