The creators of Minecraft have been successful in growing a sizable player base by regularly upgrading the game. This is essential for maintaining the game's excitement and intrigue as well as for maintaining publicity that can attract new players who want to experience its immersive open-world sandbox gaming. Some of the most cutting-edge features ever included in the game will be part of the upcoming major Minecraft update, which is anticipated to be released soon.

Trimming armor, the sniffer creature type, and the cherry grove location in the Overworld are some of the major additions to this exciting new version of Minecraft. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 things to try out first in Minecraft 1.20 update.

1. Explore the cherry groves

The Overworld is finally getting a new biome that is not a sub-biome or underground, which players have been eagerly anticipating. The addition of the cherry groves has been highly desired by players for a long time, and there have been various attempts to add them through mods. However, in the upcoming 1.20 update, players will no longer need mods to explore this stunning location.

Cherry Grove
Cherry Grove

In this update, cherry groves will typically appear on small mountains or the sides of larger ones, and villages will not generate in this biome. However, lucky players may come across a village located near the cherry trees.

While in the cherry grove, it is a good idea to collect some cherry saplings so that you can grow more cherry trees and create items made from cherry wood.

2. Ride the camels

In the Minecraft Trails & Tales update, there are two new mobs, one of which is the camel. This peaceful and gentle mob can be tamed and ridden by players if it's equipped with a saddle. Additionally, if the player uses the jump key while riding it, the camel can move faster with a dash.


Similar to other passive animals in the game, camels can be bred by players by feeding them their favorite food. In the case of these mobs, cacti are their preferred food.

3. Create trimmed armor items

One of the most thrilling new features introduced in this update is the ability to customize armor with unique designs using the armor trim feature.

Minecraft Armor Trims All
Armor trims

To utilize this feature, players must acquire armor trim smithing templates and a mineral like emerald or diamond. These templates and minerals cannot be crafted and can only be found in structures such as bastions and ancient cities.

To apply the trim to their armor, players must place the smithing template, the armor item, and the desired mineral on the smithing table, and then collect the newly trimmed armor.

4. Find sniffer eggs

As the victor of the mob vote in 2022, the sniffer is now being included in Minecraft with this update. This ancient creature moves around slowly, using its powerful sense of smell to locate seeds. Once it detects seeds, it will dig them up, as well as pods containing torch flowers and pitcher plants.

Sniffer Header

Since the sniffer is an extinct mob, it doesn't spawn naturally. Instead, players can find its eggs inside the suspicious sand blocks located in warm ocean ruins. By using a brush on the block, players can reveal the item inside.

It takes around twenty minutes for the sniffer's egg to hatch when placed on a block. However, if it's placed on a moss block, the time it takes for the egg to hatch is reduced by half.

5. Find the trail ruins

In the Overworld, players can discover the fascinating new structure known as Trails Ruins, which is generated underground. This structure is typically found in temperate and cold snow-covered biomes, including snowy taigas.

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Trails Ruins

The Trails Ruins is a distinctive structure consisting of a variety of blocks, including terracotta, stone, cobblestone, and stone bricks. Since it is an archaeological site, there are numerous suspicious gravel blocks scattered throughout the area.

Minecraft 1.20 pre-release 1

The introduction of pre-releases in the Minecraft development cycle typically indicates that the upcoming update is nearly complete. Pre-releases serve as a way to refine the game and its mechanics before the full update is released, so players can look forward to the imminent announcement and arrival of the Trails & Tales update.

Despite this, it's important to scrutinize each pre-release that is released to keep track of the adjustments and modifications that will be included in update 1.20.

Listed below are the most significant changes in Minecraft 1.20 pre-release 1:

  • Players now have the freedom to dye colored wool blocks, beds, and carpets into other colors as they desire. There is no need to rely on blank white blocks anymore.
  • In a major update, the loot tables for loot chests have deterministic sequences. This means that players who generate a world seed with the same parameters will find the same available loot. For instance, if a player shares a seed that has some excellent village chest loot, other players will obtain the same results as long as all of the generation settings are the same.
  • Jump Boost status effect will no longer have any effect on rabbits.
  • Placing an End Crystal while entering the End will no longer prevent the Ender Dragon from spawning.

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