The Xbox Series X/S, like other gaming systems, actively seeks to expand its library with compelling exclusive titles. However, Microsoft's background as a software company means that most of their titles are also available on PC. While this might seem contradictory, there is still a considerable player base who prefers gaming on consoles. The following games effectively showcase the appeal of the Xbox Series X/S as an enticing gaming console. Additionally, players who own the older Xbox One can take solace in the fact that some of these games are also accessible on that platform.

1. Scorn

Scorn is a game that will captivate fans of biopunk aesthetics and the artistic style of H.R. Giger. It immerses players in a terrifying world where the surroundings appear to be alive, evoking a sense of horror and unease.

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Contrary to expectations, Scorn emphasizes puzzles and exploration rather than action-packed gameplay, surprising many players. In fact, the combat mechanics in the game are cumbersome and serve to emphasize the vulnerability and helplessness of the player as they confront numerous dangers.

2. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 showcases Playground Games' mastery in the racing genre, delivering an exhilarating and immersive experience. Known for their exceptional attention to detail, the developers have once again created a game that is a joy to play. Set in the vast and captivating landscape of Mexico, players have the opportunity to participate in thrilling races and tackle various challenges throughout the Horizon Festival.

Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 has clearly established itself as one of the standout exclusives on the Xbox Series X/S platform, including a huge variety of automobiles, realistic weather systems, and better graphics. While some fans may have reasonable critiques, the game is graphically attractive and provides an engaging gameplay experience.

3. Pentiment

Pentiment, developed by the highly regarded Obsidian Entertainment, adds another achievement to their track record of crafting exceptional narratives in video games. This particular game revolves around solving a mystery, where players engage in investigations spanning multiple generations.

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Although the concept of hunting down a murderer may seem cliché to some, Pentiment manages to shine through its impressive storytelling. The game's writing is a standout feature that sets it apart, despite the occasional predictability of the central premise. It is a highly recommended title for fans of distinctive mystery games, offering an enjoyable experience worth exploring.

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is renowned for its incredibly lifelike and meticulously crafted simulation games. The most recent installment upholds this esteemed tradition, offering players the opportunity to soar through faithfully recreated real-world locations, complete with breathtaking visuals and realistic physics.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Featuring an extensive selection of aircraft and providing detailed airport and weather conditions, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an essential choice for aviation enthusiasts and those seeking an immersive gaming experience. It stands out as a serene option on this list, allowing players to relax and unwind at their own leisure, granted they are familiar with the game's intricate mechanics.

5. Immortality

Immortality, created by the talented Sam Barlow, known for his work on Her Story and Telling Lies, is an innovative FMV (Full Motion Video) game that brings its own unique mechanics to the table. This narrative-driven game revolves around the puzzling disappearance of a renowned film actress, challenging players to unravel the enigmatic events leading up to her vanishing.


Once again, Barlow showcases his brilliance as a game developer by pushing the boundaries of what FMV games can achieve in the modern era. This achievement alone is noteworthy. While Immortality may not quite reach the same level as Her Story, it remains an engaging and captivating game in its own right.

6. Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush successfully brings together the elements of rhythm and action games, creating a compelling and enjoyable experience. Unlike the abundance of mindless button-mashing games in the genre, Hi-Fi Rush introduces a refreshing combat system that requires players to synchronize their movements with the beat to deliver impactful attacks.

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Hi-Fi Rush

The game's stunning art style, combined with its vibrant energy, solidifies its position as one of the standout exclusives on the Xbox Series X/S. Fans of distinctive action titles will undoubtedly find great satisfaction in what Hi-Fi Rush has to offer.

7. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite encountered significant controversy even before its release. However, 343 Industries diligently took player feedback into account and made efforts to optimize the game, resulting in a generally positive reception from fans, particularly regarding the single-player content.

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Halo Infinite

The introduction of an open-world approach brought a refreshing twist to the traditional Halo formula. However, the alterations made to the multiplayer component were universally criticized, with the shift to a free-to-play model resulting in players having to endure a grind to access content, which was perceived as negative in every aspect.

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