The Elder Scrolls series is often perceived as high fantasy, offering grand narratives without the occasional tackiness that the genre can sometimes fall into. However, the series occasionally takes a playful turn and embraces a more whimsical tone. This light-hearted approach is evident in its side quests. In a world filled with powerful magic, troublesome creatures, and diverse societies, players are constantly surprised by unexpected encounters. This element of unpredictability adds to the enjoyment. If the game had only focused on serious tasks and grim situations, it wouldn't have left such a lasting impression. Instead, its humorous adventures have contributed to its enduring popularity among gamers.

1. Bullying Braith

Few games allow players to be unkind to children, but Skyrim offers that opportunity. In Whiterun, two kids, Braith and Lars Battle-born, are engaged in a constant battle. Braith bullies Lars relentlessly, and even his own mother scolds him for being pushed around by another child. The situation, while having underlying tragic implications, carries a sense of amusement in the moment.

Lars And Braith In The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

The humor escalates when players intervene. They can politely ask Braith to stop, deceive her into believing Lars is unwell, or even threaten to send her to an orphanage. While intimidating a child might be seen as morally questionable, it serves as a darkly humorous prank. The irony lies in the fact that Braith actually has a crush on Lars but doesn't know how to express her feelings except through teasing. This dynamic is both endearing and true to real childhood emotions.

The quest cleverly incorporates various forms of humor, ensuring that most players will find something to laugh about as they navigate the interactions between these young characters.

2. Brelyna

The notion that practice leads to perfection is put to the ultimate test in Skyrim. Within the Mages Guild, an aspiring sorceress named Brelyna proposes an unconventional experiment: trying her spells on the Dragonborn. Any rational person would deem this idea incredibly risky. Should players choose to go along with it, they're in for a bizarre and surreal experience.

Brelyna S Spell In The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

Brelyna's experimental spell produces a series of unexpected effects. The first effect tints players' vision green. The second attempt transforms them into various animals, ranging from dogs to cows to horses. While the developers could have taken this concept much further, the results are still remarkably absurd. It's somewhat regrettable that Brelyna abandons her magical experiments, as she could have potentially patented her work as a comical farm spell.

3. A Night To Remember

While it's embarrassing to witness others' drunken escapades, it becomes even more amusing when the situation is reversed, as seen in Skyrim. In Whiterun, a local troublemaker challenges players to a drinking contest. Filled with confidence, they accept the challenge, unaware of the potency of the beverage.

A Night To Remember In The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim
A Night To Remember

The strong brew leads to a series of chaotic events. In their drunken stupor, players inadvertently vandalize a sacred temple, sell a stolen goat to a giant, and even end up marrying a complete stranger. Behind these antics is the cunning challenger, who turns out to be Sanguine: the Daedric Prince of Debauchery and Hedonism. It's yet another example of divine beings finding entertainment at the expense of mortals. Despite the absurdity of the situation, fans can enjoy a good laugh at their characters' wild antics without worrying about the typical consequences like hangovers or other real-life repercussions.

4. Zero Visibility

In a different setting, this quest could have been a horror or thriller, but in Oblivion, it takes on the tone of a farcical comedy. The town of Aleswell is facing a peculiar problem: its inhabitants have been rendered invisible by a wizard's spell. This predicament understandably hinders their daily lives, making it evident how troublesome it can be. Despite the amusing nature of the situation, the right thing to do is to assist them.

Zero 1
Zero Visibility

However, when players converse with the wizard responsible, they discover that he didn't intend to make the people invisible; he is simply incredibly inept. This revelation is particularly frustrating considering the challenges players have already overcome within the Mages' Guild.

5. The Potato Snatcher

In Oblivion's Faregyl Inn, a woman mourns the loss of her prized potatoes, cultivated for her unique potato bread. Strangely, a hefty man is accused of stealing her stash, a puzzling choice given that people typically steal money, not vegetables. The situation becomes even more absurd when players discover the thief.

The Potato Snatcher In The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivio
The Potato Snatcher

Surprisingly, the culprit is an ogre. While it might seem odd for the creature to steal these vegetables, they are the perfect size for him. It's difficult to blame the creature, considering the circumstances. Nonetheless, players must recover the potatoes, or the special bread will never come to fruition.

6. Sheogorath

This quest, named after the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, is as unpredictable as one might expect. Sheogorath assigns players a task of fulfilling a prophecy, purely for his own entertainment. The first part involves gathering a soul gem, yarn, and lettuce, while the second part requires fans to steal cheese from a prized collection. Soon enough, the entire endeavor begins to resemble an elaborate practical joke.

Sheogorath And The Flaming Dogs In The Elder Scrol

Presenting these items to Sheogorath results in a series of bizarre events. From a swarm of rats and dead sheep to eventually raining flaming dogs upon an unsuspecting town, the plagues become increasingly absurd. After this chaos, the whimsical god rewards players with a Wabbajack, a magical staff that transforms enemies into random animals and objects. By this point, fans can expect nothing less from such an eccentric deity.

7. Recovering Cloudcleaver

The unpredictable antics of drunkards often lead to chaotic situations, a fact exemplified in Morrowind. Near Caldera, players come across a naked Nord who claims he was lured and robbed by a witch. However, upon finding the witch, it becomes apparent that the intoxicated Nord had made inappropriate advances towards her. In response, she cast a sleeping spell on him and took his belongings, holding his axe as collateral.

Recovering Cloudcleaver In The Elder Scrolls 3 Mor
 Recovering Cloudcleaver

The entire story is akin to a mischievous child having their toy confiscated in the world of Elder Scrolls. To add to the absurdity, the Nord never bothers to put his clothes back on. While he bickers with the witch, players might find themselves questioning how they ended up mediating such a peculiar conflict.

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