The Inventory system is something players have to deal with constantly in Minecraft. Unfortunately, the current Inventory UI still have a lot more to be desired, with plenty of features lacking.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 8 best Minecraft inventory mods in 1.20 Trails And Tales update.

1. Just Enough Items

The fact that Minecraft is not the most beginner-friendly game is widely acknowledged within the community. One of the main challenges players face is understanding the numerous blocks and intricate crafting recipes, which often lack intuitiveness. Even experienced players find themselves resorting to online searches due to the sheer variety of items. If you find yourself in a similar situation, installing the Just Enough Items (JEI) HUD mod is highly recommended. This mod is widely regarded as one of the most popular Minecraft mods of all time.

Jei Mod
Just Enough Items

The JEI HUD mod provides a comprehensive list of all available items and blocks in Minecraft, accompanied by information about their uses. It goes beyond that by offering access to crafting, smelting, brewing, and anvil-based recipes and functionalities. Essentially, it serves as a much-needed in-game crafting book. The mod also features a dedicated search bar and inventory configurations, eliminating any confusion you may encounter while playing Minecraft. With the JEI HUD mod, you can say goodbye to the frustration of navigating crafting recipes and gain a valuable tool for enhancing your gameplay experience.

2. AppleSkin HUD Mod

In Minecraft, the hunger bar and health bar are closely interconnected. When your health decreases, the game utilizes food from your hunger bar to restore it. Consequently, you must feed yourself to replenish the hunger bar. At first glance, this mechanism may seem straightforward, but it becomes more intricate once you consider that different food items have varying effects on your health. Some foods can even have detrimental effects instead of simply replenishing the hunger bar.

Appleskin Mod
AppleSkin HUD Mod

This is where HUD mods like AppleSkin prove invaluable by providing a comprehensive overview of the effects each food item has in Minecraft. By selecting a specific food item, you can easily determine how much health and hunger it will restore. This enables you to make wiser choices regarding what you eat, especially in challenging situations where selecting the right food becomes crucial. AppleSkin and similar mods enhance your decision-making process and help you navigate the complexities of food consumption in Minecraft.

3. MineMenu

The MineMenu mod for Minecraft introduces a fresh radial menu to the game, resembling the inventory menu found in GTA 5 (or the anticipated GTA 6 game set to release in 2024). This radial menu allows you to navigate through your items and effortlessly select the one you desire. Additionally, you have the option to assign key bindings for quick and convenient item selection. While Minecraft itself provides default key bindings, they can be more overwhelming and restrictive compared to the streamlined functionality offered by MineMenu.


4. What’s That Slot?

Among resource gathering and utilization games, Minecraft is renowned for its extensive array of equipment and tools. From utility tables to blocks like the furnace, the game offers a diverse range of options. However, each utility block only allows specific items to be used in certain slots. For instance, only certain items can be used as fuel in the furnace or blast furnace.

Screenshot 454
What’s That Slot?

To address this, the "What's that Slot" HUD mod proves incredibly useful. It provides a convenient display that shows which blocks are compatible with each slot in any given utility block. By simply hovering over a slot, the game will present a comprehensive list of blocks that can be utilized in that specific slot, making it significantly easier to select the appropriate items. This mod simplifies the process of item selection and usage within utility blocks, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

5. Cosmetic Armor Reworked

Armor serves two primary purposes in Minecraft: providing protection and allowing players to showcase their preferred aesthetics. The Cosmetic Armor mod offers the ability to fulfill both of these functions by enabling the use of separate armor pieces for each purpose. This mod introduces additional armor slots to the inventory heads-up display (HUD), expanding the options available to players.

Cosmetic Armor Reworked

6. TrashSlot

Collecting items in Minecraft can present a challenging task, but getting rid of them can prove even more difficult. Merely discarding items from your inventory can lead to accidental pickups or even cause game lag. Additionally, items in Minecraft take time to despawn. As a result, players often resort to disposing of items by throwing them into lava, although this method doesn't work for certain items like Netherite.


Thankfully, the TrashSlot Minecraft HUD mod offers a straightforward solution to this problem, even though it may feel somewhat unconventional in the Minecraft world. As the name suggests, it introduces a dedicated trash slot within your player inventory. Any items placed into this slot are instantly destroyed, providing the fastest way to eliminate unwanted items without needing to leave your inventory. While such a slot is already available by default in the creative inventory, it is not present in other game modes, making this mod an essential addition for players.

7. Inventory Sorter

Arranging and organizing the Minecraft inventory can be exhausting and consume a significant amount of time. The current inventory system necessitates manual item selection and meticulous placement. However, with the implementation of the Inventory Sorter mod, you can streamline the item arrangement swiftly using designated key bindings and blacklisting options.

Inventory Tweaks
Inventory Sorter

Unlike other mods, this Minecraft HUD modification does not have a significant visual impact on the game. Instead, its primary focus is to enhance the functionality of the player's inventory, making it more user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.

8. Crafting Tweaks

With this Minecraft HUD modification, the process of using a crafting table becomes more convenient than ever. It introduces three new buttons that serve different functions: one for rotating items, another for balancing them, and a third for clearing the crafting grid. Furthermore, the crafting area expands to accommodate additional features, simplifying and accelerating item placement compared to the standard method. Interestingly, this HUD mod is compatible with a wide range of custom crafting table mods available for Minecraft.

Crafting Tweaks

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