People engage in video games for diverse purposes. Some opt for farming simulations or massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) as a way to unwind, whereas others prefer shooters for an adrenaline-filled experience. Then, there are individuals who play video games specifically to experience a sense of empowerment, using games that provide them with formidable armor, weapons, or extraordinary abilities.

Whether someone seeks empowerment for noble reasons or simply for the thrill of chaotic enjoyment, there exists a game tailored to each person's desires. From traditional favorites to contemporary releases, games that instill a feeling of power offer an enjoyable avenue for entertainment!

1. Doom

Doom, a timeless first-person shooter, has made a strong comeback with its recent releases, offering players an unparalleled sense of dominance as they assume the role of Doomguy, an unstoppable and silent force of destruction.

Doom Eternal Urban Assault 1920 0

In this game, players have the choice to vanquish demons using their bare hands, crushing skulls, or employing a deadly chainsaw to sever limbs from enemies' bodies. However, the most iconic and potent weapon remains the BFG launcher, a fixture in the series. When combined with the game's epic soundtrack, Doom creates an invincible sensation for players.

2. Just Cause

How many islands has Rico Rodriguez liberated so far? Despite being just an ordinary man, the protagonist of the series, Rico, has single-handedly freed four distinct islands from corrupt authorities across four different games. He doesn't possess superhuman abilities, but he does have one essential tool: a grappling hook!

Just Cause 4 Leak 4 2060x1159
Just Cause

Each installment of the Just Cause series excels at delivering a powerful player experience due to its extravagant and unrealistic yet immensely enjoyable gameplay. Players are encouraged to explore new ideas and strategies, utilize the best weapons, and exercise boundless creativity in thwarting enemies and demolishing enemy bases. This creative freedom is what empowers players and makes them feel unstoppable, and Rico epitomizes this unstoppable spirit.

3. Infamous

Infamous is a game series that offers fans the timeless choice between embracing a virtuous or malevolent path. Regardless of their decision, players experience an overwhelming sense of power, slightly heightened if they opt for the darker route. The first two installments of the series revolve around Cole, who acquires superhuman abilities following a freak explosion, a classic superhero origin story.

Infamous Second Son

While Cole harnesses electricity-based powers, the protagonist of the third game, Delsin, possesses a diverse range of abilities, including manipulating smoke, neon, concrete, or video. There are few games in the market that allow players to explore such a variety of superpowers, and the Infamous franchise stands out as one of the rare gems that masterfully captures a genuine feeling of power alongside compelling gameplay and narratives.

4. Prototype

Prototype is a remarkable series comprising two installments where players assume the role of Alex Mercer, a shape-shifting individual with extraordinary abilities. Tasked with halting the deadly Blacklight virus, players channel their efforts into battling enemies and containing the virus's spread. Alex can transform his arms into lethal spears made of a red, alien substance or create massive shields to swiftly and effectively eliminate adversaries.

Prototype Screenshot 01 Ps4 Us 11aug15

This game introduces a highly unique concept not found elsewhere in the gaming world, offering players a singular sense of power. Whether it's scaling skyscrapers vertically or smashing down on formidable tanks like the Hulk, there's no obstacle that can hinder Alex Mercer, and by extension, the player.

5. God of War

Players can hardly experience greater power than assuming the role of an actual god, or more precisely, a god who takes down other gods... just for the thrill of it! In the God of War series, players follow Kratos, the protagonist, on his quests to defeat the entire pantheon of Greek Gods, spurred by betrayal and exile. Without giving away too much, it's safe to say that Kratos is remarkably successful and someone you wouldn't want to cross paths with.

God Of War Trilogy
God of War

In recent installments, Kratos has become somewhat more restrained, but his power remains substantial, enabling him to still take down a few gods. With impressive level designs, iconic weaponry, and awe-inspiring combo skills, God of War stands out as one of the finest game franchises, allowing players to experience the overwhelming might of a wrathful deity.

6. Halo

It's Master Chief. Do I need to say more? Featuring one of the most renowned and cherished video game protagonists ever, assuming the role of Master Chief in any Halo game is a fantastic way to evoke a sense of immense power in players. With exo-suit abilities, incredible weaponry, and engaging gunplay, each installment in the series is iconic and exceptionally enjoyable.

Halo Mcc Article

While the campaigns are outstanding, what truly magnifies the feeling of power is Master Chief's ability to single-handedly dismantle the Covenant, an alliance of aliens (with a little help from Cortana, of course). Master Chief is unstoppable, and over the years, as Halo has reigned supreme in the first-person shooter genre, players have consistently experienced an overwhelming sense of empowerment when controlling him.

7. Crackdown

Comprising three primary installments, the Crackdown series enables players to command a biologically enhanced Agent capable of wreaking havoc. At the core of Crackdown is the concept of a destructible environment, turning the game into a sandbox where players can obliterate virtually anything they desire.

Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone 3
Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone

While the initial installment might be considered the pinnacle, the subsequent two entries are also quite commendable. There's an inexplicable allure to the Crackdown franchise as a whole, satisfying players' destructive cravings and allowing them to indulge in unrestrained rampages and revel in their spectacular mayhem. Empowered with enhanced abilities within a vast world ripe for destruction, assuming the role of a biologically enhanced Agent undeniably instills a profound sense of power in the player.

8. Devil May Cry

Although it poses a slightly steeper learning curve, the Devil May Cry series showcases some of the most exceptional swordplay and combo combat in the gaming world. Dante, despite his cheesy one-liners, stands out as one of the most charismatic characters ever created, and the secondary characters are equally formidable and imposing.

Devil May Cry 5 Characters
Devil May Cry

In this franchise, players assume control of Dante, a demon hunter tasked with thwarting demon invasions on Earth. Though the premise may seem straightforward, the unparalleled sensation of power derived from Dante's combat abilities is unmatched. Executing intricate combos flawlessly while avoiding any damage is a challenging feat, but once mastered, it provides an incredibly empowering experience. This feeling of power is further amplified by Dante's stylish arsenal, ranging from dual-wielding pistols to wielding giant flaming swords, making for an undeniably potent gaming experience.

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