Do you think that you've seen every crazy thing in Minecraft? Think again, as I'm really sure that you haven't seen the craziest thing in this game.

Just recently, a YouTuber named Hedgey has completed Minecraft - without mining anything in the game. Not even a single block. While this seems really impossible, Hedgey himself has really completed it - beating the Ender Dragon at the end of the game. If you are curious about how he could do it, then you can watch the video below. Also, be noticed that this is only a highlight reel of Hedgey's journey through the game - as the full playthrough is really long and tedious.

Beating Minecraft without mining anything - highlights.

Of course, this impressive achievement has a lot of luck involved, as the build for this run relies a lot on RNG, as well as the favorable spawn of the enemies. Along with that, there is a chance that you might be hitting an impenetrable material at the game’s end, which could make this run a failure - but somehow, Hedgey was able to pull it off.

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A screenshot from the game

In this mining-less challenge, Hedgey is still able to gather bread, paper, grass, water, etc - all the materials that you could get in the overworld. Of course, gathering those materials is a chore, too, as it's really RNG dependent - due to the fact that those materials are spawned randomly in the villages - which are random, too. No digging, also mean that Hedgey can't get underground by his own mean - instead, he has to gather and use explosives, as well as taking advantage of exploding enemies.

New Record Of Minecraft With 30 Million Sold Pc Co
Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games at the moment

And there is no surprise that an outstanding achievement like this is really well-received by the Minecraft community, as the Reddit thread about this journey has received 12.100 upvotes at the time of writing this article. Many have even shared that while they're not into Minecraft, Hedgey's achievement is still really awesome in their perspectives.

Minecraft is now available on PC and Consoles.