The concept of smashing down everything to ashes has been perfectly taken in Red Faction Guerrilla. The developer Volition has done its two well, to the point that the game has introduced the new definitions of destruction-based gameplay. Hence, it's not surprising that many creators want to replicate its success.

However, we can't find any titles that can catch up with Volition's hit, up until Teardown is announced. The developer Tuxedo Labs is very excited to introduce their latest attendee for this best physic-based game competition.

You can see the game's first gameplay footage in the video below:

The concept of Teardown

Do you know what is the similar feature of Minecraft's and Red Faction's gameplay? It was the fully-destructible environment, and that's exactly what Teardown is focusing on. Basically, it's a puzzle-solving game, in which you'll have to fulfill the final objective of every round: gather all of the keycards scattering around the map.

Teardown Is The Perfect Blend Of Red Factions Game
The keycards will be put everywhere around the map, even in rooms

To be more specific, you'll play this game from the first-person perspective, running around a blocky Minecraft-style town. There will be no foes and all you have to take in mind is the location of all they keycards. You are free to roam around the map to find all of them, but once you pick up the first card, a timer will start counting down.

Teardown Is The Perfect Blend Of Red Factions Game
Pick the first card up, and a timer will appear

After that moment, your vision is very clear: collect all of the cards before you run out of time. Failed to do so, you'll fail your mission, so you need to carve the routes in your mind carefully before picking the first cards.

Craft your fastest routes with the fully-destructible environment

That's when the physics engine kicks in. The environment in Teardown is fully destroyable, which assists you in creating the best shortcut possible. However, in order to do that, you'll have to take advantage of many tools given at the start of the round. They include hammers, shotguns and even rocket launchers, which allows you to create holes in walls or other obstacles.

However, "destroy" doesn't mean create holes. The best way to get through the buildings is to ramp through it on any of the vehicles on the map. Just imagine brute-forcing your way through everything using a tank, that's what you'd do in Teardown. This feature allows you to freely plan your paths toward your objectives.

Teardown Is The Perfect Blend Of Red Factions Game
Drive vehicles through the building to create the fastest route

Aside from that, you can also do some normal stuff to complete the missions as well. To be more specific, you can jump, run, slingshot yourself, use explosives or stack objects to get to high areas. As I've mentioned, everything is possible as long as you managed to pick up all the keycards and escape before the security arrives at the place.

Another special thing about this game is the Minecraft-esque graphics. At first look, I thought Teardown is a new kind of Minecraft minigame that some content creators have made. However, with a map to locate the route as well as the detailed exploding animations, the game is much more than that.

Teardown Is The Perfect Blend Of Red Factions Game
The game gives you a map to keep track of the cards' locations

The only downside of the game is that it requires decently high-end PC to run. The developer has confirmed that you'll need an Intel Core I7 CPU and a GTX 1070 GPU to smoothly run the game. Older hardware can run it as well, but not as smooth as it should be.

Release date and supported platforms

Even though the early footage looks quite completed, we still don't have the specific release date of the Teardown yet. It's coming at some times in 2020, but we don't know when for sure.

Teardown Is The Perfect Blend Of Red Factions Game
The game is coming out for PC in 2020

Hence, we highly recommend adding the game to your Wishlist on Steam to get the notification when it releases. Enjoy!