When you think of the average PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player, what is the first image that appears in your head? A young male adult or teenager most likely? A twitch streamer by the name of GrannyGottaGun is not your average PUBG player though. Like her nickname suggests, she is a granny, in the sixties by the look of her; she has got a gun, and she just won her first Chicken Dinner Award in PUBG after surviving to the end of a match.

GrannyGottaGun usually streams herself on Twitch playing PUBG. Her Twitch channel has a couple hundred followers. In the last few weeks, she has published several videos, in one of which she achieved victory for the first time. This video is titled “Surviving to eat my first chicken dinner!”

GrannyGottaGun survived to eat her first chicken dinner

This victory match was played on the Sanhok map. By the end of it, GrannyGottaGun and a teammate were hiding in a shelter just outside of the Quarry, as the circle of death closed in. Besides the duo, there was only one other player alive. GrannyGottaGun’s teammate kept encouraging her, saying that they could surely take on this last enemy since they had an advantage: The other player would have to come to them to avoid getting damaged by the circle.

Ultimately, it was the teammate who managed to slay the final enemy, securing them the win. According to the end screen, GrannyGottaGun got no kill in that game. She barely survived with only 5 hitpoints left.

Granny 2
Who says a battlefield is no place for an old lady?

While this might not seem like a big deal to many people, this friendly granny seemed pretty proud of it. She looked like she was having a lot of fun too. “But I lived. Do you realize this is the first chicken dinner I’ve lived in? I made it all the way to the end,” she said.

In fact, so proud was GrannyGottaGun of her achievement that she shared the video of her victory on Reddit. In this Reddit post, she said that she was “just an old lady trying to keep up with you boys.” She also shared that she had never played any video game before PUBG, and so this achievement had a significant meaning to her. It is certainly an awesome feat. After all, how many people can say their granny has won a game of PUBG?

Granny's got you in her sight!

The number of views that GrannyGottaGun’s videos receive varies greatly. Some videos get thousands of views, others not even a hundred. This particular “Surviving to eat my first chicken dinner!” video, though, has got 50,000 views since its upload. The granny also said that she had tried Ring of Elysium once, but for the most part, she has stuck with PUBG.