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Players can sign up to be one of the testers of Steel Circus

Steel Circus is a new multiplayer future sport game coming to PC soon. The development team of the game includes some experts from Grand Theft Auto and Dead Island. The launching date is not yet to be announced since it has not even begun its Closed Alpha Test process, but players can sign up to be on the alpha testers list.

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The scenario of the game is the year 2350

What will life be in the next 300 years? In Steel Circus, the year 2350 will witness the frazzle of the whole solar system as the result of hundreds of years of war. Peace is uncertain, and in order to stabilize it and promote communication between different factions, the Solar Council holds an annual meeting for the delegates of each group to discuss political issues. While these conferences are being held, the heroes, or the “champions” as the game names them, promote their groups by publicly competing under the Steel Circus championships.

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Players must utilize their skills to address the ball properly.

The player will be in the role of one of those heroes and join online matches with other players. To win the battle, they simply just have to aim the balls at its goal. Every hero – or “champion” – have their own skill set with 2 certain skills. They also have different roles, such as supporting using buffs and heals or brawling powerhouses. With their unique skills, unique roles and unique competing styles, combining the heroes properly and focusing on teamwork should be the secret of winning.

Steel Circus Trailer

Steel Circus is preparing for its alpha test phase and is scheduled to be released in early 2019. Players should sign up to try it out as soon as the game is ready and to receive the latest news. Updates are available on the game's social media accounts, so make sure you have followed it on FacebookTwitter or Discord.