While the company has been inactive lately, Konami once stood amongst the rank of the most loved game developers. This week, it suddenly decided to relaunch the official website of the Suikoden game series. This was the the first time after four years Konami made a change on this website. The last activity we have on the website prior to this was when the first two entries of the series came to PSP in Japan.

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Many Suikoden fans have speculated about this seemingly random move by Konami. Some hope that the developer is bringing the series back to life, either with a new game or a remake/remastered version of a previous one. Konami, however, has not made any statements regarding this.

Konami made many great franchises in its time, including Bomberman, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevanie, etc. Amongst the company’s products, Suikoden is held in high regards by many players for its rich story, beautiful artwork and deep world building. Very few games have managed come close to its level. Debuted in 1995 on PlayStation, the JRPG series still has one of the most hardcore fanbases to this day.

Currently the Suikoden series has had 12 titles, including five main games and seven spin-offs. The latest main game, Suikoden V came out more than a decade ago, in 2006. The most recent spin-off entry, on the other hand, came out just a few years ago, in 2012, but for Japanese audience only. With Konami taking steps away from the game making industry, the series has remained inactive since. However, Konami has had precedents of bringing old series back before, as were the cases with Castlevania and Bomberman. With that in mind, fans have reasons to hope that Suikoden will make a return.

At the moment, though, everything is just guesses, rumors and speculations. It is unlikely that we will see a Suikoden game, new or remastered, anytime soon.