Alpixel has announced their creepy narrative game - A Place for the Unwilling. The game will come out for PC through Steam at the last of this month.

And if you're unwilling to try a game without looking about its image, here is the trailer for you:

From the developer of Miss Translation

In 2014, the indie developer Alpixel that includes five creators has revealed Miss Translation. The game immediately gained a lot of players' attractions for its unique story and narrative gameplay. And ultimately, it has gained five rewards, and the developer also received a decent reputation for it.

A Place For The Unwilling Coming This July 2
Missing Translation released in 2014

That's why people have been throwing their money after seeing A Place for the Unwilling on Kickstarter. And after a long waiting time, this mysterious narrative game is finally coming.

A Place for the Unwilling here refers to a city. However, this city is a living object, which can think, feel and acknowledge things going inside it.

About the gameplay, the creators want to avoid challenging players with hardcore puzzles and game-over screens. Instead, they will throw you into the "open-world" in which you can freely visit every location you want. The main objective of the game is to learn about the story of the citizens and find out the mystery that does not belong to the city.

A Place For The Unwilling Coming This July 1
The city is full of stories waiting for you to reveal

Furthermore, the game features choice-driven nature, which every choice you make will change the environment surrounding you and also shape the future events in the city. Additionally, even if you finish the game, you can still replay it to find another clue at other places.

A Place For The Unwilling Coming This July 3
Any decisions you make will influence the outcome of the city

Every walkthrough is unique in A Place for the Unwilling!

Official release date of A Place for the Unwilling

A Place for the Unwilling is heading to PC through Steam on July 25.

And because you might have to play it tens or more time to find all the secret in the eerie city, you can add it to your wishlist to get the notifications when the game arrives!