PUBG PC has just hit its ninth season, and with it, a new map is going to be introduced into the game. In this article, we would list everything you need to know about the new map.

Dynamic Terrains and Locations

The new map is named Paramo and it is based on the South America highlands region. Paramo would be the second smallest map in the game at 3x3 - twice as big as Karakin's 2x2 km size. There are a lot of settlements and landmarks on the map similar to what players are used to seeing in PUBG... however, the locations of the town would change every match!

Pubg Paramo Map Revealed
Pubg Paramo Map Revealed

Even the terrain of the map would move around after every game. Because of this, players would never be able to get used to this map - they would have to strategize on the go.

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New Volcano mechanic

To further spice things up, there would be a volcano placed on the map that would constantly spit out lava streams across the map. Those streams of death would cut off areas from the map and make them super dangerous to reach. When combined with the blue zone mechanic, Paramo is going to be pretty tricky to play.

Pubg Paramo Map Revealed
PUBG Volcano

To deal with all the dangerous hazards on the island, a new item named Critical Response Kit is going to be added. The kit would revive downed players in one second - a perfect save for people stuck in a tight spot.

Lastly, Paramo cannot be played in First Person Mode. It is unknown why PUBG Corps decided to remove this.

Would Paramo be released in PUBG Mobile?

While PUBG Mobile is banned in India, it is still playable currently. It is not out of the question for the map to be added to PUBG Mobile, as PUBG Corp has taken back control of the game from Tencent.

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