The biggest video games event of the year, The Game Awards 2019, will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday, Dec 12. The event would be streamed on multiple platforms.

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Death Stranding has been a very weird experience for everyone involved

There are twenty-nine categories in the event, which would be covering both AAA and indie titles, along with an extra category for Esports. Control and Death Stranding are the two games with the most nominations in 2019, followed by an array of various other games. Along with being the award ceremony for 2019’s best games, there would be new games and projects revealed during the show. Nothing concrete was leaked so far, however, as even the recent Resident Evil 3 leak has no connections to the show. According to Geoff Keighley, host and founder of the show, ten new games would be revealed during the show, counting completely new franchises.

The Game Awards 2019 would be started with a preshow at 7 AM IST, Dec 13, with the actual live show scheduled 30 minutes after that. The event is expected to last for about three hours, however, it could get longer or shorter unexpectedly. The event would be streamed on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Steam and various other platforms. To get the links, you can just google for their main accounts on social media.

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Control was made by Remedy, the Developers who worked on Alan Wake

How to contribute to the vote of The Game Awards 2019? You would need to get to the event’s main website and go through the list of awards and nominations. You would need to sign in with either Twitter or Facebook to vote. We will definitely report more about this event on a later date. For now, you should check out our article about Death Stranding, the biggest GOTY contender of 2019.