With Halloween being just a month away, Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. are gearing up for the upcoming PUBG events. Based on last years’ festivities, this year’s Halloween is going to be a blast.

A new video for the Halloween 2019 in-game costumes has been released, along with PUBG Corps. plan for the event. The aerie trailer gives the community quite a few hints about the events and the in-game options that would also come with the update. Unique weapons and item bundles with Halloween themes are being prepared along with the new update for Zombie mode.

The Halloween event would probably bring Night Mode back to Erangel

When will the 2019 Halloween sets be available?

Based on an event post on PUBG’s Steam page, the new event Skins will be available for purchase after the 4.3 patch of PUBG hits the main server today. They are limited sets that only available for a limited duration – players should grab everything before they are gone from the store.

What are the sets?

Three sets have been announced for Halloween 2019: the "Pirate man", the "Scarecrow" and finally, the "Skeleton Woman"

Halloween 2019 1090x585
The four new sets in this update

Furthermore, each of these sets will be sold individually at a 33% discount in the shop, from September 23, 2019, to November 13, 2019. The Leo Costume is also available for purchases using BP. It is currently on hold, however, as the tail is bugged and looks like a penis.

The Killer Clown set from last year's event

Last year’s Halloween event was one of the biggest events of the year, along with all its iconic cosmetics and skins. The previous Halloween sets have been pretty popular in PUBG have been amongst the most iconic costume sets in PUBG. Erangel’s Night mode is most likely to make a comeback as well.

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