On February 28th, Allegra Clark tweeted on her account to explain for followers the reason why the voice of her character – Bloodhound had been lessened some “steps” in the game’s post-production.

She performed on her Twitter that how the sounds of Bloodhound would be in pre-production. Clark also showed off her natural voice and shoot off some few lines of the character.

She implied in her performance that “If I remember correctly, they knocked it down a half step or two, and I think that’s the pitch where I placed their voice. It’s hard to tell with the processing.”

In the same tweet, she stated that she had likely used an accent called “Old Norse” for her Bloodhound. Clark also restated the fact that Bloodhound is totally non-binary as there are many misunderstandings that question her true gender is when playing this role.

Apex Legends’ fans were so surprised that her performance was out of expectation. They gave her many applauses as her skills were so outstanding that she portrayed the pure Legends.


Bloodhound's voice was played perfectly by Clark’s performance

One fan commented on her performance humorously that: “If you could just read off a recipe for apple pie, as Bloodhound, my life would be made complete there”. Another funny fan also replied, “I think you just earned the title of ‘Scottish Mom’ - or is ‘Norse Hunter’ better?”.

She also motivates players to act Bloodhound upon her character declaration in the same releasing day of Apex Legends – which is February 4th.

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale shooting game made by developer Respawn Entertainment, collaborating with EA. It standouts for innovative combat and strategic battle royale. Since being published, the game has received many compliments from international gamers. The popularity of the game demonstrates in huge numbers such as: reaching 10 million downloads in only 3 days after releasing; rapidly increase to 25 million people playing this game in the second week.