Just a couple of months ago, we have published another article on how disappointing 2018 was for PC gaming in term of blockbusters selection. That was most attribute to several events: the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 caused other games to reschedule their release day ( while the game doesn't come to PC), Fallout 76 fell short also. These two events in 2018 left the whole year for PC strategy games.


This year, 2019, we have passed 25 percent of it already at this point already, has been amazing for big game titles. In this article, I will follow up the original article with much more optimism because of all of that goodness that we have had some blockbuster titles released so far in 2019. Be attention that my definition of 'blockbusters' is kinda vague, just like the one for 'indie game'. But in the context of this article, I will be talking about those game with the huge budget coming from well-established publishers. Those would have come in a box if it was 10 years ago.

The first three months of 2019

A Speedrunner Has Beaten Sekiro In Less Than An Ho
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The first in the blockbusters that I would like to mention is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These days, it is a much mention new game coming from the company - From Software. In fact, it was the fifth title to score more than 90% from us - just ranked after Sunless Skies, Slay The Spire, Devil May Cry 5, and Apex Legends. In those five three are already blockbusters. They are also contenders for our shortlist of GOTY and our top 100 games list annually.

Metro Exodus Wallpaper 1
Metro Exodus

However, it wasn't the big titles that have impressed us so far this year. There is the Remake of Resident Evil 2 which has generated many Mr. X mods and memes. And apparently, Gabe Newell is also a fan of that game. The Division 2 is also a great game. I have spent countless of playing time on that game during March. Moreover, it still has a year full of updates and extensions ahead which poses the threat to eat up all of my gaming calendars. Metro Exodus was receiving many opposite opinions but in summary, the game is really amazing with its undeniable beautiful post-apocalyptic open world.  In case that you like arcade dogfighting or racing game - well, 2019 has games in those genres too.

However, we also have to talk about the biggest disappointment so far which is Anthem.  At this point, I think we could drop the hope that Jump Force will ever be able to deliver the promise of the game to be on Smash Bros-level with all those mana characters. But despite that, the game will still develop further in its strong point of co-op mech game with BioWare. But in order to make the game really takes off, they will need to gather a big enough player base in the next six months.

The Attractions Are Coming

Amazing Pc Blockbusters Released And Upcoming In 2
PC-Only Game

It wasn't a really huge year for games of PC-only title up until this point. ( There was that Civ 6 expansion in the early of 2019 - but that doesn't count). Next month, Paradox will release its next grand strategy game of Imperator Rome which would be a PC-only game. And also arriving in May in the major historical game - Total War Three Kingdom. This title will tick that box also.

Up until this point, I think it is safe to say that 2019 is a decent year for teases and announcements. That is also true for those titles are out this year yet also. We are talking about Borderlands-shaped rumor have been floating around. There is also Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2. And soon in April, we will have the chance to find out what Respawn's Jedi: Fallen Order will gonna be like. We could really place money on this game because the developer of this game has a good record and they have Chris Avellone works on the game as well. By the way, maybe at some point this year we will get to see the new Doom game on Steam also.

With all these amazing records, I am really optimistic about the upcoming months. And this just these three months I have gathered enough game for my summer. In fact, Tom has spent more than 70 hours to complete Hell and Sekiro. So for it, they would probably take me a few months to complete these games.