Onigiri — the free-to-play action MMO in an anime style that came out around 2014 is finally moving to Steam. Brought to you by Cyberstep, Onigiri as an anime-themed 3D sets its background in ancient Japan. The game lets players discover stories and myths of medieval Japanese mythology. Players will become friends with legendary characters like Minamoto no Yoshitsune or Momotaro.

They will then attempt to defeat the arisen evil and bring back to world order to these lands. The move towards Steam of Onigiri actually suggests that by the time it hits Steam, it might also be available on Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play, based on the site’s description.

Get ready to play your favorite action MMO on Switch!

To celebrate upcoming releases, Cyberstep is gifting presents to many accounts. Examples of them are an in-game basic boost or currency bundles. Such presents are available to claim before Apr 16th. In the action-packed Onigiri, you’ll experience a unique system of progression. Instead of choosing initial classes, you can swap between your arsenal of weapons of various stats and skills to clear dungeons and bosses.

Additionally, NPC companions will be unlocked as you progress further in the game. As a matter of fact, Onigiri owns real-time combat mechanics and a variety of difficulties for each dungeon with the addition of stylish graphic design and Japanese voiceover. Such amazing features will definitely make the game exciting to play in both casual and competitive scenes.

Onigiri 05 Hd
Onigiri's Japanese theme gives the game a true JRPG feel.

Here is the summary of some key features:

  • Full-of-actions Gameplay – dodge attacks and make awesome combos in battles!
  • NPC System – go on adventures with 8 different NPC partners
  • Zero Class Progression – upgrade weapons and switch between them with ease
  • Ancient Japanese Theme – unique anime graphics, detailed storyline and Japanese voiceover included
  • Dungeons & Bosses – join NPC companions to defeat dungeons and powerful bosses.