Spring 2019 is going to be especially packed with games, and one among those big hitters is going to be Anthem. BioWare has recently published a trailer of Anthem’s Legion of Dawn. In the IGN trailer, we have our first glimpse at the Legion of Dawn, one faction of warriors in Anthem‘s history.

The Legion Of Dawn' origin

The lore in Anthem refers to a band of warriors, specifically focuses around a legendary female warrior, the first to strike out against the violent chaos. She founded the Legion of Dawn, guiding warriors in their Javelins to protect humanity at a critical time. She lost her life in the endeavor, and the legions carried on in her honor. Clearly, trailers nowadays don’t reveal much information about the actual gameplay. However, it does set sets a tone for the battles to come in the main campaign.

Anthem Legion Of Dawn Trailer
The team of warriors illustrated in the newest Anthem trailer

Expect shiny and stunning armor designs

Legion of Dawn is also most expensive chapter in the game. It comes with 4 distinctive skins for Anthem’s 4 Javelins. Also, the Legion of Dawn inspired armor looks amazing, much more complicated than ordinary skins and shaders. These legendary add-ons bump up the price of the game to $80 if you want to know its price.

3397850 Anthem Pree3 Promo 4
Anthem Legion Of Dawn new armor design

The Light of Legion weapon skin is also available in this edition of Legion of Dawn. Watch closely and you’ll find it in the trailer right below.

During The Game Awards, Bioware already started to give out some more details on the story of Anthem. A story-heavy trailer has been released, introducing a few of the characters and showing a closer look into the main conflict.

Anthem‘s limited closed alpha ran from December 8-9 and its official release will be on February 22. Make sure to get the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.