Apex Legends, the newest “blockbuster” in the gaming genre, from Respawn Entertainment, had an incredibly successful first month. The free-to-play battle royale of Titanfall universe hit 50 million downloads worldwide. Additionally, it held several high stakes tournaments and set new Twitch records for viewership.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends - the newest and hottest Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment.

“Calamiti” and his new console record

Players are hyped to hunt for their own kill records while waiting for an official new season to arrive. Every week there’s a new record and it doesn’t seem to stop soon. It’s never an easy task to be the champions in an Apex Legends game, not to mention achieving 30+ kills. However, PS4 player “Calamiti” proved the world that he’s here to make it possible.

Calamiti posted his highlight video on YouTube to prove his record. Over the course of a 21-minute game, he dealt over 6000 damages, earning 34 kills. The old console record was 33 kills and belonged to “Dlon’s”. Sadly, it is still not enough to beat the overall all-platform record.

“Mendokusaii” Lucas Håkansson is the one to currently hold the overall kill record. “Mendokusaii” was a former Overwatch pro player for Houston Outlaws. The guy holds an incredible 36-kill record playing on PC. This record is still unbeaten today, but we can tell that Calamiti has come real close to beat it. Below is Calamiti’s video on Youtube: Apex Legends console solo-kill world record (PS4)


The "lone wolf" approach

Calamiti used the same method as previous record holders to win the match. He started by queuing up solo, played as a lone wolf by not sticking with his teammates and just actively look out for targets. In that game, his teammate was disconnected at the beginning while the other one died very early on into the match. As we can see, that meant Calamiti has to be the lone ranger.

Apex Legends Wraith
Wraith was his legend, the one that fitted to play solo.

Calamiti took advantage of Wraith’s aggressive kit as well as her potential to 1vs3. He can quickly knock out a target, begin the dodging, repositioning and taking advantage out of the map’s terrain.