Apex Legends, a popular battle royale shooting game made by the Respawn Entertainment company, collaborating with EA, has shaken the world. The game standouts for a strategic battle royale, innovative combat and different seasons to unlock the loots, the items, and the weapons. Especially, this game is free for everyone.

5Apex Legends is a famous battle royale game

 The game has some thousands of followers on Twitch, a well-known video live streaming platform for gamers, owned by Twitch Interactive. It is also downloaded more than 25 million times online as many players are into this game. Currently, Apex Legends is in the early years as it is a new game of Respawn Entertainment, but still, players are battling for ranking international records around the world.

And here are some prominent names on Apex Legends world records currently. We have 2 versions: PC and PlayStation 4 along with Xbox. Each version has 2 modes: Solo vs.Tro and Trio, and each has its champion as they have the highest kills number.

For the PC version, we have Mendokusaii as a champion in Solo vs. Trio mode, with 36 kills in total. For Trio mode that need teamwork, we have 3 champions as a team including ssjfpsTV, ItScubby, and SHAAFFER. They killed totally 41 lives in the game to reach this victory.

6ssjfpsTV, ItScubby, and SHAAFFER are named on world records in Trio Mode PC version

For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox version, dlon has the biggest number of kills, with 33 skills, becoming the champion for now in Solo vs.Trio mode. In Trio mode, we have a victory team, including Eckkee, Slashhy, and CuurveShot. 39 kills in total have brought them the chance to be named on the international ranking records.

In the future, there will be some changes in this record as there are many well-skilled players that developing day by day.