Respawn Entertainment and EA, the developer and the publisher of Apex Legends, has implied that some Apex Legends servers in the world can’t be accessed normally. As the result, a lot of players are hit by loading screen issues, giving them a lot of difficulties to enjoy the game as usual. The loading screen of the game was frozen for hours, and players keep being kicked out of the game. An investigation has been held, confirmed by EA, whereas a lot of Apex players are sharing their current experiences with the game.


EA confirmation on Twitter

Various Apex Legends gamers shared on Reddit that they couldn’t connect to the game as there was an error said: ‘Disconnect: PersistanceReadComplete for data storage ‘Respawn’ failed.’. It also happened in Oceania and Europe. Others stated that they are trapped in the loading screen forever since today. They even could not join the game’s lobby or receive error messages. Everything is frozen.

We don’t know whether it’s just PC players’ issues or for other servers too, as EA only mentioned the bug for PC version. It is a chance that console servers are different from PC servers. And while Apex lacks cross-play versions, it’s quite acceptable if some platforms are influenced by the connection lost, some are not.

On February 15th, Apex players, especially U.S players, also suffered such server problems with matchmaking and stability.


Apex Legends is down for the second time

There is still no specific time when all the bugs can be fixed, and the server could be normalized. Respawn Entertainment – the developer of the game, had posted recruitment that looking for engineers who are major in dev ops and site reliability.

As said the post on Twitter, EA will soon update the latest news to players on their Twitter account once the bug is fixed.