Domination is the word we can use to describe Apex Legends since the day it exists. The new online battle royale FPS game by Respawn Entertainment has had its own two big tournaments from Twitch, taken down Fortnite record for highest single-day Twitch viewership, yet still not one month old. The smoothness of the gunplay, the different classes of characters, the great ping system have all contributed into a well-tailored game, bringing a new fresh air for battle royale gerne.

However, the game only features squad playing mode (each team/squad consists of 3 players), so any lone players will be matched with random strangers to become a team of 3 to play. With eight available characters at the moment, teams must have good picks if they want to survive longer in the game and win. Below are some suggestions of good team pick from us that may help you and your teams stay longer in a match and kill more enemies.

Fog team: Caustic, Bangalore, Bloodhound

This comp is great if you and your friends are into an aggressive style. Caustic and Bangalore will create the background of teamfight for this team. Caustic is a toxic trapper and Bangalore is really a good character with the zoning ability. The idea behind this comp is that your team will “turn off the light” for an entire area or room in smoke and gas, totally zero out your opponent’s visibility.

And here is the show for Bloodhound. Through Bloodhound’s primary ability and ultimate he is able to see enemies in the most unique way in Apex Legends. During his ultimate time, the Smoke/Gas combo will have little effect on his vision as his enemies will be highlighted in red. And that is where the true hunt begins. Remember to communicate with your teammates about the location of your enemies if you play Bloodhound during the time of your ultimate. If no one in your team can play Bloodhound, well Lifeline is the alternative. However, your team will have to play safer, less aggressive with the alternative comp.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide Team Comp 640x360
Dark areas are the perfect battlefield for Bloodhound with his ultimate skill

Sustain team: Gibraltar, Lifeline, Bangalore

This squad is all about staying alive. If you are into a playstyle that gives you the highest chance to stay alive longer than your enemies, this is the one for you.

Lifeline is the best healer in the Apex Legends at the moment. Hand down, no discussion. Her passive allows her to revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall (this effect certainly works with Gibraltar’s primary skill). She also uses healing items 25 percent faster. Two active skills of Lifeline can save your team in the hardest time. But using healing items will slow down your movement speed, so you need a cover place to heal. And that is the job of Gibraltar and Bangalore. Building up shields, mortar air strike with smoke are what Gibraltar and Bangalore are built to do. The combination of these three guarantees your team has a way out of combat, have a place to heal and have items to heal up.

Apex Concept Art Wallpaper Lifeline 0
Lifeline is the highlight for any teams that want to out-live the enemies

Surprise team: Bloodhound, Wraith, Mirage

Love the feeling of jumping into your enemies, surprise them and then take their life before they can have a proper reaction? Then this comp is for you.

Wraith and Bloodhound both have abilities that give them some intel indicating when enemies are near. Wraith even has skills to regain a better position in combat and her ultimate will create a portal for your team to fast travel in the map. Using Bloodhound and Wraith together can allow you to jump on enemies’ faces before they even realize you are in.

Jumping into the enemies from a far distance in the job for Wraith's ultimate skill

So how does Mirage has a position in this comp? Yes, we admit the last position in this squad can be any character left (you can even pick Lifeline for this comp to stay alive longer), but Mirage adds an extra level of bamboozling to your attack.

Use Mirage’s primary ability to send in a clone as a distraction while Bloodhound and Wraith ready their sneak assault. Once Mirage has enemy aggro, he can use his ultimate Vanishing Act to deploy an entire team of decoys while he cloaks. Once Bloodhound and Wraith have engaged the enemy, he can then resurface and enact another surprise attack.

Mirage Apex Legends Guide Twin Mirage
Mirage - the master of deceive will make the enemies become tilted

Although we have some recommendation above, it is still the best for you to find out what character fits you and your friends the most. Weird comps happen in all game, and Apex Legends is not an exception. In the end, if it sounds stupid but it works, it is not stupid.