Apex Legends is taking the gaming community by storm as it boasts an impressive number of over 25 million players even though it was out just last week. The game is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 but rumor has been going around already about a mobile version. While such information has not yet to be confirmed, for now, players are taking advantage of the free-to-play offer to see if the game is up to par. Gamers of PUBG and Fornite might have gathered enough experience to excel in these titles, but with Apex Legends, it is a different story.

The number of players for Apex Legends is on the rise, and no one wants to fall behind watching other people take all the good stuff and steal the limelight. With the tips shared below and enough practice, your chance to stay ahead of other squads is definitely higher.

Apex Legends Only Excepts Squads

You need a squad of three to participate in Apex Legends

While in some other titles of the same genre such as PUBG and Fortnite, you can either play in a squad or by yourself, with Apex Legends, your choice is limited to just one, which is to find yourself a team of three players. If you are wondering why the game does not allow solo gamers, the reason is that in this game, players can choose their own class, which is also what sets this title apart.

For those who find this limitation hard to except, rumor has it that Respawn is planning on adding the one and two-person options. This story started in the data miner (people who run through games’ code and come up with a prediction about potential updates) community although Respawn has not shown any sign of rejecting or confirming this piece of information. In the meantime, players are keeping their fingers crossed for it to happen and you can see that on Reddit and Twitter.

Choose A Class According To How You Play

Pathfinder Apex Legends Guides
Pathfinder has a hook and zip line to escape sticky situations

The classes in Apex Legends are calls “Legends” and there are eight of them in total. However, for those who are unwilling to pay $20 for Apex Coins, the number of picks is only six.

The way your squad teamwork and the choices you make largely determine your chance of winning. Bringing a Healer to the team is always the right decision and Lifeline is arguably the most suitable candidate. She has the power to nurse others’ health back to normal faster than anyone else doing that same job. However, there are situations that you cannot bring her to the squad, in that case, make sure that you have a feasible extraction plan.

Bangalore, on the other hand, can create a puff of smoke to conceal her teammates or help her escape the situation. Another set of skills in Bangalore is that she can run at a higher speed when she is under attack. Her former ability can be a useful way to extract your team when the situation is out of hand. When she gets the exact location of the opponents, Bangalore can carry out a strike to impose some serious harm on them.

Players have another choice for an extraction plan, which is Pathfinder, a cute looking robot. When it is within the opponent’s reach, Pathfinder can make use of its hook to escape. It can also provide you with the exact whereabouts of the next circle, giving your squad a competitive edge. However, its most promising ability is a zip line that can serve as an emergency way out.

The key to gain control of any situation is to learn by heart the skills of each “Legend” and think of how tour squad can combine them to form a smoothly-ran squad. Knowing yourself might be the way forward to make advancements in this game. As communication is vital to glue your team together, Apex Legends has exactly this aspect as one of its many strong points.

Use The Finishing Move Right

If you have been impressed by Mortal Kombat’s finishing moves, you will find Apex Legends’ effort to bring a similar thing to this game worth praising. Although the bloody degree of the latter was minimized, players can still enjoy a brief moment of finishing their opponent in style.

However, performing this is not without a downside. Players are not untouchable while the finishing move is happening so bear in mind that your opponent can kill you at that exact moment if you are not careful. In addition, it can stop halfway if you are under impact, for example, like when an enemy punches you. The move might be satisfying to watch, but it does not actually give you an edge over your opponent.

Your Choice Of Weapon Can Make Or Break Your Game Play

Apex Legends Best Shotgun Peacekeeper
The Peacekeeper is a common choice for short range shooting

Apex Legends boasts a wide array of weapons, which ranges from guns to sniper rifles. Some of them prove to be useful in many different situations to make sure that you have a good stock of these. What you want is something that can be used in a short distance and another one when you want to take out an enemy standing farther from you. A common choice for former is a Peacekeeper. Its speed is slow, but its great power can definitely make up for that, making it the ideal weapon to deal with enemies near you. For those who are not so confident in their sniper skills, the R-301 Carbine gives you more control but still proves its power over opponents in a longer range.

Although Twitter and Reddit are littered with discussions on Mozambique, this weapon is actually not up to par. It belongs to the pistol category, but in reality, it is a triple-shot small-arm. Mozambique might looks and sounds impressive, but when you actually use it, you will realize that it is not what you expect.

The decision is entirely up to you so feel free to cherry-pick what suits you the most, but no matter what you do, ensure that you have all the basics at hand when you need them (one for long and one for short distance) to increase your chance of winning.

Bear in mind that ammo come in three categories, which are heavy, light, and energy, so when you switch weapon, mind what to use with it. For example, when you have only light ammo left, choosing something like a Hemlock assault rifle might not be a wise choice at all.

Remember That You Are In A Squad

Apex Legends has an incredible ping system

Going solo might work for PUBG and Fortnite but doing the same thing in Apex Legends will lead you and your team to a total disaster. Without you, the other two cannot have a commanding view over the map, and they might put themselves at risk if they want to pull you out of a sticky situation. Since the game requires a squad of three, if you accidentally run into your enemy, you are out of luck because in most cases, you are alone against three other opponents. If you die away from your teammates, they will have difficulty reviving you.

When you need to converse with other members of your squad, the built-in ping system proves to be extremely useful. All you have to do is to press a button (on PS4 is R1, Xbox One is the right shoulder, and on PC it is the middle mouse) to notify your squad of the location of threat and loot or where you will head next. For instance, you might run into a blue helmet on the way but have no use for it, you can ping it to tell others about it and its whereabouts, giving your teammates a heads up about this potential upgrade when they need it. Playing in a team means that you have two extra pairs of eyes to know what is going on around the map. This advantage gives you an idea where and when to go into hiding or carry out an attack.

You and your teammates can watch each other’s back by making use of the pinging system or converse via headphones, which may provide at least one of you more chance to get out alive. The best scenario is that you use both whenever possible. It might take a while to get used to, but when you do, pinging feels more familiar.

Pay Attention To What Happen Around You

Apex Legends Hot Air Ballon
The jump towers are actually the red balloons

It takes time to get to know the map but does not forget one of your ultimate goals is to know exactly where the best loots are, the locations of escape routes, and how to get around in less time. This knowledge will give you a massive advantage over your opponents.

Different locations come with a different level of loot quality. You can always check this by looking under the name of that location on the screen. This leads to a potential issue. Players will eventually find out about this, so if you want more control, try to figure out the place you will land and if it will attract a large number of other players.

The Hot Zone is where the good stuff is, and this area is marked by a blue ring on the map or blue light when you are making your landing. You are assured of desirable loots here. It is always visible so you do not have to spend time looking for it, but the problem is, everyone else can also see it so the Hot Zone often attracts a lot of people.

The dropships that you see scattered around the map have the most attractive loots, and this is common knowledge. You may land on it, which is great, but if you do not, it is accessible via zip lines, meaning you can reach them from the ground. The thing here is whether this loot is worth the effort while there are probably a few other squads are planning to do the exact same thing.

Last but not least, mind the jump towers. They are the big red balloons that have zip lines attached to them. They are of great use when you want to launch yourself into the air for better navigation of the map, which resembles the kind of landing you do at the beginning of every round. These balloons can also act as an escape plan when you are in danger. However, they will put you in your enemy’s aim so weight the benefit to decide whether it is worth the effort.

Apex Legends' Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has been so popular among Fortnite’s fanbase that Apex Legends decided that it should have a similar thing. No detail of Apex Legends Battle Pass has been revealed so we have no idea how it will work or how much you have to pay to get it. For now, what we know for sure is that it will somehow resemble the system of its Fortnite’s counterpart. The Pass will be out in March, which happens to be when Apex Legends’ very first three-month season occurs.

EA has confirmed that season one is expected to happen in March along with the introduction of the Battle Pass. This month also sees new Legends (another name for the game’s classes), loot, and weapons being public. Season two comes right after season one in June, followed by season three in September and season four in December. This move is highly appreciated as Fortnite has established a kind of incentive for players to encourage them going back again and again for new items and updates. Apex Legends is doing the same thing, which might be their recipe for success too.

More Tips Are On The Way

Apex Legends has been running for around a week, too short of a period for anyone to find out about every nook and cranny of the game. So there is more to expect in terms of moves and gameplay. We will be back with more useful tips but for now, use what you have to stay alive and more importantly, defeat other squads.