Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the newest game of the series released by Ubisoft. This time, they bring you to Greece, the land of the gods. And it is indeed a goodly land, especially when you discover the underwater world, thanks for the great effort of the firm's artists.

The game itself may be attractive enough, but what really keeps you saying wow all the time is its scenic and utterly beautiful scenes around and under the sea.

No more saying, let's jump right into the sea and find out what the developers offer us.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey beautiful ocean scene

The game's scenic sea is amazing yet its true beauty lies under the waves

Assassin's Creed Odyssey underwater scene

First, take a look at this ruin here. It may belong to a not-so-far-from-then civilization since you can still spot really fine details not being vanished yet. The texture is spectacular when looking at every nook and cranny all over the column. Though it is quite damaged and covered with coral, the status is pretty good.

How about the shark swimming around? Ah don't worry, he is very friendly and will not intend to hurt you. (Fact: sharks don't like human's taste).

Assassin's Creed underwater scene with sunken ship

Along with ruins, you can also spot sunken ships. They are of course severely destroyed, covered with coral, plants and even skeletons.

Assassin creed odyssey underwater skeleton

Poor Mr sailor

Assassin creed odyssey underwater creatures

Not only sharks, but there are also other interesting animals such as my little fella manta ray right here. He is not harmful too.

Assassin creed odyssey creatures: dolphin

And dolphins too.

Assassin creed odyssey underwater creature

Fairly speaking, they created a little version of Finding Nemo, down here, underwater, of a vast game. You can see how the graphics look, the light, the details of the seabed, the fish and even the waves. All together prove that they really invest a lot in the making of the game to make sure that you can somehow feel satisfied.

assassin creed odyssey shark

Sorry for telling you so soon that those fellas are not dangerous. However, keep in mind that they don't always attack you like this.

loot and equipment under the sea in assassin creed odyssey

It's not always about enjoying the waves and creatures. You can also find useful stuff down underwater too. Just swim around and maybe you can have a chance to discover a new equipment part for our beloved Kassandra.

assassin creed odyssey night on the sea

Isn't it really enjoyable that you can relax between fierce battles and challenging quests by just admiring the pure beauty of the moon shining on the gleaming water? However, I still want some more activities involved in the underwater scene, that would be euphoric.