The charming RPG Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout tells a story of Ryza, a tomboy who is on the verge of adulthood.

Atelier Ryza
Journey to a new "Atelier" world with this upcoming RPG.

Her lifetime dream is to get out of her ordinary village, embarking on a wonderful journey with her beloved friends. One day, while exploring a forbidden island, they've run into an aged magician. Their lives have changed from that moment. The old magician agreed to teach Ryza about alchemy which enables her to begin her own adventure. Later on the journey, Ryza's discovered her destiny to protect her hometown from the magical and dangerous evil hiding beneath the surface.

Atelier Ryza Gameplay 009
The game has an incredible graphic design.

The game features lively environments, thanks to the hard work of GUST Studios. The graphics are significantly polished with realistic shadows, which filled the game with life. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout managed to maintain the bright color and style of the characters, mixing both new and familiar visual sparkle.

One of the best well-designed features included in this title is an evolved synthesis system. As alchemists, players will have a brand-new experience in which they can learn the art of alchemy by visual. The new system allows alchemists to create recipes, gather items in the field using multiple tools. Each tool will reveal unique items when used at the same spot so we can craft items that we've never seen before in the franchise.

Atelier Ryza Gameplay 010
The new system allows players to create things they have never seen before in the "Atelier" series.

All in all, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a must-have game for the RPG fans. The game will hit Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC (Steam) on October 29, 2019. A special limited edition will also be accessible on the NIS America online store.