Atomic Heart is action FPS semi open-world game where you play as a Russian guy beating on robots. This game is exactly what we expect from a video game in 2023. Eye-catching visual effects, captivating storytelling, fun gameplay, and, most importantly, decent performance on PC! After going through things like Hogwarts Legacy and Forspoken, I couldn't believe that I was getting that much performance.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get 100% achievements in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart

Get all Trophies and Achievements in Atomic Heart

Most of the Trophies/Achievements in Atomic Heart cannot be missed. To get the Platinum Trophy for Atomic Hearts, you need to complete the following challenges:

Platinum Trophies

The Motherland Does Not Forget Her Heroes – Unlock All Trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Atomic Heart – Finish the game in hardcore mode (the hardest difficulty).
  • Burning Ears – Find all the chirpers.
  • Clean-Up – Finish all the Testing Grounds (Polygons).

Silver Trophies

  • Strike – Kill Hedgie without firing a shot (missable)
  • Murderous Beauty – Kill the twins.
  • Chop Chop Chop – Kill Belyash with a melee weapon (missable)
  • Lord of War – Collect all the weapons.
  • Polymerization – Collect 100 Jelly
  • Beast Friend – Find all the talking dead animals.
  • The Necromancer – Talk to all the dead.
  • More Than Profit – Find all lootyagins.

All Bronze Trophies

  • Medium Rare – Finish Belyash
  • Make It Go Round – Finish Hedgie
  • Plyusch Rush – Finish Plyusch
  • Show’s Over – Finish Natasha
  • Dew Point – Dewdrop done
  • Happy Polymerization Day – Fly out of Chelomey.
  • Pistils and Stamens – Escape from Vavilov
  • Tickets, Please! – Take the train at Lesnaya Maglev station.
  • Quite an Achievement – Clean the VDNH complex.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Get drunk on vodka and kill 5 enemies.
  • Triple Penetration – Kill 3 enemies with a single ralgun shot.
  • Hands-on the Hood – Run over 20 enemies with one car.
  • Avatar – Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified ones and 10 frozen ones.
  • Hothead – Hit 50 targeted headshots with the MP (Makarov).
  • Below Zero – Freeze a Vova in mid-air.
  • Assimilation Procedure Interrupted – Don’t let a spore transform.
  • Bull’s Eye! – Use telekinesis to drop an owl with an object.
  • Curtain – Finish a theatrical performance.
  • Medical Checkup – Go to a hospital.
  • Apple Pie – Pick all the apples in Limbo.
  • The Great Inventor – Upgrade a weapon to maximum level.
  • Lefthand Mastery – Upgrade a skill tree completely.
  • How Can I Help You – Use a phone booth in Chelomy.
  • Explorer – Find a Testing Ground.
  • Scanner – Scan all NPCs.
  • Freedom Reflex – Explore Pavlov
  • Communism 2.0 – Discover the secret of AoC.
  • Artisan – Create a weapon in the crafting machine.
  • Weapon Master – Build 5 different weapons.
  • Chemist – Craft all the utility items

About Atomic Heart

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a first-person shooter with sci-fi elements this much. Everything in Atomic Heart is designed in the best possible way. A new technology in the form of a polymer glove called Charles is in your hands, which has many functions, from looting the room to giving electric shocks to the enemies, etc.

If you like Bioshock, you would definitely enjoy Atomic Heart


This glove is also considered your artificial intelligence companion. Almost 95% of the game time, you are talking to him, and these conversations entertain you in addition to clarifying many issues and points of the story along the way.

In Atomic Heart, you are free to choose your weapon. Of course, these weapons will become available over time, and you can upgrade them by finding the required items. You can use an axe that gives an electric shock to the enemies or a shotgun with a lot of kick and, of course, a disastrous effect. You are also provided with interesting individual abilities that are not available from the beginning of the game, but by progressing and spending the points you collect, you can use them to make Nechaev more powerful. By using role-playing elements, the game makes each person's experience different from the other, and everyone moves the story forward in their own way.

The combat is fairly well done

One of the things you never get tired of during the game is looting the environment. All you have to do is point your glove at the chests and drawers of a room by holding a button, and then you will be faced with the charming animation of all of them opening and the items scattering in the air. The environment of Atomic Heart is designed semi-open and has prepared many surprises for people who are considered curious. Some rare items or designs related to constructing attachments and weapons can be found in parts of the game that your path does not usually meet. Of course, the ability to scan with your gloves makes you not miss anything in the surrounding environment. or even identify the enemies and find a way to deal with them.

An essential part of the game is dedicated to puzzles and locks that you may have seen in other games. The same variety of puzzles helps and saves the game's rhythm at critical points. On the other hand, Atomic Heart owes part of its charm to the presence of Mick Gordon.
He is a composer best known for his heavy riffs in the last two games of DOOM. Just get to a boss fight, and that's where the beat of the music captivates you.

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