A mash-up between battle royale and MOBE is what Stunlock Studios currently brings us. The studio recently released the teaser prior to its official free-to-play release. The free-to-play launch will be released simultaneously with the game’s major update known as the BIG PATCH. The BIG PATCH will come with Battle Season 1, map changes, new champions, new items, and tons of other new features. The BIG PATCH begins by giving players the chance to obtain the Free Pass or promote to Premium Pass for unlocking exclusive cosmetic.

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The Battle Season 1 will be the restart of the leaderboard and the begin of the new season, which will be set in both titles and the newly gained levels in the new season will also coincide between the two games. Battle Season 1 will also come with the appearance of pets which will help you in battle and can be gained from the Premium Pass. All champion pack price will be reduced from 29.99 USD to 19.99 USD.

Furthermore, Battlerite Royale’s players will experience 2 new maps which include the Frozen Plateau and the Trader’s Islet. Three champions will also be added in the game which is Taya who can bend wind to her will, Oldur who has the ability to control space and time, and Pearl who can control the ocean.

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Last but not least, the Battlerite 2.0 will bring various new features, one of which is the Turbo Boost that helps champion moves faster and at the same time lower their health. Another feature is the armory in which you can customize the starting weapon that could help you gain an edge on your opponent. Finally, the Overload is the ability that will be passed down to you when your allies die, which could help to restore your health and power your attacks, however, you will take more damage in the process.

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So make sure to check out this free-to-play release of Battlerite on 19th February.

Battlerite Royale Season Pass 1