PUBG developer - Bluehole has been getting a lot of complaints from players due to the fact that the game is being spoiled by cheaters, varied from aimbots to wallhack. PUBG has been getting a reputation of being a place for naughty players.

Bluehole has released some statistics relating to cheaters which indicates that since June 2017, the game developer is having an issue with cheaters as they have banned over 13 million users "due to the unauthorized use of illegal programs".

A Reddit user named sjk045 discovered the fact by gathering data from Bluehole’ 69 different posts on its Korean PUBG website. The developer updates the number of accounts banned weekly which make it possible for anyone to gather data and calculate the stats on the matter.

Sjk045 even created a graph of the ban waves using the stats and people can clearly see that there was a peak in the number of accounts banned at the early of the year. The graph also indicates that the number increased significantly since Autumn 2017. However, there are many banned players coming back to the game under new accounts and the stats only shows the number of accounts banned, not players.

I would hope that the reduction in the number of cheaters in PUBG is the reason why fewer accounts have been banned recently. However, sjk045 has highlighted the fact that the player base of PUBG has been decreasing earlier this year. To be more specific, the first time ever PUBG concurrent users dropped to below a million and that can also be a reason for the reduction in the total accounts banned weekly.

Bluehold released a campaign called “Fix PUBG” beginning from August to show its commitment to revive the game. The aim of the campaign is literally indicated in the campaign name “fix PUBG” as they gather feedback from players, prioritize bugs and define a roadmap to implement fixes. But is it enough to keep the game alive as there are more competitions such as Fortnite which already surpassed PUBG in monthly revenue in February?