Recently, the brand new first-person shooter game named World War 3 has been announced to be released the early access version on October 19 by its creator: game studio The Farm 51. $28 USD is the price for gamers who want to download the game and experience its interesting play. World War 3 will perhaps have different price in other countries such as Australia and Europe.

World War 3 - G36 Official Showcase

Designed to be a tactical online PC one, World War 3 is a FPS game combined its genre with combats just like these days’ biggest games existing. Therefore, it would be a mistake if the game didn’t have the playground of a global battlefield. However, World War 3 still got its own difference. While Call of Duty is designed with combat coming in high-speed, Halo is already famous for its sci-fi play and destructive background was fantasized in Battlefield, The Farm 51 promises to bring gamers playing their creation a real life experience.

Characters appeared in the game are completely normal human with no super powers or fictional characteristics. The weapon’s ballistic system of World War 3 is also based on real guns existing on Earth. In order to achieve victories, players will need to concentrate on the game as much as possible. Moreover, teamwork is extremely important in World War 3, if one don’t want to let himself down by losing the match.

The Farm 51’s tactical FPS game provides the capability of up to 64 players at a time in its multiplayer games. Different from most other FPS games as well as battlefield ones, World War 3 will have the players sticking with teammates to play in two situations: defending positions or attacking their enemy’s ones.

Until now, the game has been announced to have 2 different game modes called Recon and Warzone. The first mode Recon is a simple one. Players in this mode will fight in squads, together secure "high-value targets in hostile territory". Every action of any individual will immediately cause impact to the whole team.

To the contrary, Warzone mode is much bigger. Real locations in the World such as Warsaw and Berlin will appear in this mode. Traveling to these locations, players with their teams will fight against other teams in big battles, plan their attacks while dealing with multiple threats outside.

Early access version of World War 3 will be launched on PC. Responding to the question when will the tactical FPS game appear on consoles, The Farm 51 claimed that they haven’t come to any final decision.