Riot Games has just released a brand new music video for the game League of Legends. The video features some real-life artists’ talent along with the appearance of the latest champion skin set - K/DA.

A gif cut from the music video

With the name “POP/STARS”, Riot Games’ latest production came out at the same time with the game World Championship, which has just ended in South Korea. “POP/STARS” is a full-length music video with the main performance made by groups and artists like Jaira Burns, (G)I-DLE and Madison Beer. However, even though you can clearly hear their voices in the music video, you can’t see their faces. The video shows only the animated LOL champions in their new K/DA skin. There are four champions in total, which are Evelynn, Ahri, Akali and Kai’Sa.

Kaisa Kdaskin Full

This new set of skins were introduced not long before the beginning of the World Championship. The skins’ announcement showed clearly that they have some noticeable features that were inspired by K-pop. And just like any other skin in the game, this set also has its own backstory which you can look for on the Universe page of the game.

“K/DA exploded into the music scene with their hit song ‘POP/STARS,’’ League’s Universe page for the K/DA line of skins said. “Fans of K/DA can’t get enough of their unconventional flair, from the trademark tails (which fans suspect are real) to the otherworldly decor in their studio.”

Evelynn, Ahri, Akali and Kai’Sa

Riot also pleased their fans with the live performance of the song right at the opening of the ceremony for the Finals at the World Championship. They used augmented reality technology to bring the champions in the video onto the stage alongside the artists. This is actually not that strange to the company’s fans as they did pretty much the same thing last year with the enormous Elder Dragon swooping down and landing on the stage.

It is reported that the opening ceremony was the product of more than a year of hard work which resulted in the song, the video and the new skin that we see today.