Bus Simulator 18 is a bus-driving simulator game where you can enjoy the exciting daily life of a bus driver in the fictional European city of Seaside Valley and surrounding areas. Your main job is to carry your passengers to their destinations on time through many locations such as the industrial, downtown, harbor zone, or villages or the business park. There are 8 original licensed city buses from many famous brands such as Setra, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, and IVECO to choose from. You will get to be in the front seat to take full control of your bus and enjoy the magnificent scenery during your journey.

However, your job won't be full of rainbow and sunshine all the time. You will have to face all the challenges that a bus driver normally have to go through such as bad weather, potholes, traffic jam, construction sites, night driving fare evaders, accidents, and passenger requests. But, if you can overcome all these problems, you will earn money and gain good credibility in your area.

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Dealing with troublesome passengers

The more you drive, the more features will be unlocked. Your number of miles on the road will bring you new districts, new buses, and new customization options. Furthermore, with the advanced modding support, you can create new routes, buses, maps and share them with everyone in the community or download them from other players on the Steam Workshop.

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Freely customize your bus

Bus Simulator 18 comes with a synchronous multiplayer mode where you can play with your three other friends at the same time. You can pick the simplified mode if you are new to the game or you can choose realistic mode if you want some more challenges.

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Do your duty whether it's rain or sunny

Bus Simulator 18 is currently available on Steam for PC for $34.99. The game will be released for Xbox One and PS4 on September 17, 2019.