After making their fans wait for months, the developer and publisher of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 has finally released the trailer, the gameplay videos of the multiplayer feature of this reboot title. Besides the videos, Infinity Ward and Activision also released a bunch of new details for this title, and we will cover the main points for you in this article.

Three videos of the game released, including two gameplay videos

Infinity Ward and Activision have promised of a big reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 on August 1st for a long time and these two gaming companies did not let their fans from all around the world down. This reveal, including a lot of information and multiple gameplay clip of the game, is exactly what the starving fans of Call of Duty game franchise want.

The trailer clip for the multiplayer feature of the game is right below.

This trailer clip is merely just a debut for the multiplayer feature of the game. But this clip has already done its job: hyping us the fans. It has shown us the weapons, the killstreaks, the mechanics, and many things more of this multiplayer feature of this game via a really entertaining collection of extreme highlights.

This is a big reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, so one trailer clip is not enough for the fans, of course. Infinity Ward and Activision have also released two more gameplay videos of the game. The first clip is the gameplay of the deathmatch mode in the multiplayer feature. This mode is quite usual and ordinary, comparing with other deathmatch modes in other FPS games.

The second gameplay video for the game is the main dish of the meal. There are a lot of things we can see from this gameplay video for the campaign mode of the multiplayer feature of the game. First, enough the video, then we come to the analysis right below.

As you can see from the clip, there are moments we have the mini-map, but some moments we do not. There have been debates over the existence of the mini-map of this title. All the Call of Duty titles before have mini-maps, but there have been multiple leaks telling us that this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 would not have mini-maps. Turn out, the leaks are not totally wrong, but not totally right either. We will tackle this point in another article since this is a major point of the whole title.

Moreover, this is a mission in the campaign, but there are two different sides at the end of the match, with winning and losing sides. This indicates that in the campaign of the multiplayer feature, players will be teamed up to fight other players, not AI. Infinity Ward and Activision have mentioned that players would experience the campaign of this title from both sides. If this is true, then you have to win the mission against other players online to process in the campaign of the multiplayer feature.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare open beta schedule

Not only the videos, but the information of the game is also released by these two gaming companies. The most important news is definitely the schedule for the open beta of the game. Unlike other Call of Duty titles in the franchise, the open beta for this title will be available for all gamers on all three platforms of the game. That means anyone can access this open beta and try the game, regardless of the fact that he has pre-ordered the game or not.

Modern Warfare Rechargeable Skill
All of us will soon be able to experience all of these for free

But pre-ordering the game does have its benefit. In this open beta, there will be an exclusive session just for gamers who have pre-ordered the game.Infinity Ward and Activision can never let those who have pre-ordered their game feel betrayed, of course.

One more thing to be noted about this open beta: there will be an exclusive session for the PS4 players before the full open beta for all three platforms. And even more, this title is the first title in the Call of Duty game franchise to feature the cross-platform. Regardless of your playing platform, you will be playing with and against players from all PC, PS4, and Xbox One platform. And in the next open beta for all platform, gamers all around the world can also experience the cross-platform playing.

Modern Warfare Field Equiment Rechargeable Skill
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

With that in mind, down here is the full schedule of the open beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

• PlayStation 4 Exclusive Beta
o September 12 – 13 (Early Access, PlayStation 4)
o September 14 – 16 (Open Beta, PlayStation 4)

• Beta featuring crossplay testing
o September 19 – 20 (Early Access, PC and Xbox One; Open Beta, PlayStation 4)
o September 21 – 23 (Open Beta, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer: weapons, lethal & tactical items

The full set of guns, lethal and tactical items for players in the multiplayer feature have also been published. We will get to guns first. There will be five assault rifles, three SMGs, two shotguns, 2 LMGs, two marksmen rifles, and one sniper rifle for players to choose in the multiplayer of the game. The full list of guns is right below.

Assault Rifles:
• M13
• FR 5.56
• M4A1
• AK-47
• Oden

• MP5
• MP7

Killstreaks Modern Warfare Call Of Duty Revealed
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

• Model 680
• 725

• M91
• L86A2

Marksmen Rifles
• M14
• MK2

• AX-50

Weapons Killstreaks Lethals Tacticals Perks Modern
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

About the lethal and tactical items in the multiplayer feature of the game, there will be totally eight lethal items and eight tactical items for players to choose. The full list is right below.

Lethal items
• Frag Grenade
• Semtex
• Molotov Cocktail
• Claymore
• Throwing Knife
• C4
• Thermite
• Proximity Mine

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Ground War
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Tactical items
• Flash Grenade
• Smoke Grenade
• Stun Grenade
• Stim — Military stimulant that cauterizes combat wounds
• Decoy Grenade — Counter-intel grenade that simulates fake gunfire and radar signatures that confuses the enemy.
• Gas Grenade — Explodes on impact with the ground, releasing a lingering cloud of tear gas that causes slowed movement, blurred vision, and coughing.
• Snapshot Grenade — Provides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius.
• Heartbeat Sensor — A tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies.