Call of Duty: Warzone saw 30 million players in just 10 days since launch, according to Activision. This comes after their success with hitting six million players in just 24 hours, and then 15 million players in five days.

call of duty: warzone
COD Warzone has gotten pretty big among players, but how does it stack up vs. other games?

The successes of this free Battle Royale game are pretty evident to see, and there's no doubt that despite the already existing stiff competition, Call of Duty: Warzone would still become one of the most popular BR games. Let's examine how Warzone compares to its competitors to see how big it really is in terms of player numbers.

Call of Duty: Warzone competitors

Apex Legends by Respawn is one of the biggest BR games out there as well. In the first 24 hours, Apex Legends got 2.5 million players joining the game in just 24 hours, 10 million in three days, then 25 million players in just a week. So at the very least, Warzone is comparable to Apex Legends in terms of popularity and growth.

apex legends
Apex Legends also achieved impressive fast growth

The current top dog of PC/Console BR games is Epic's Fortnite, which has more players than all the other contenders. But the game initially only got to 10 million players in 2 weeks. It was only after the game got around to the prepubescent demographic that the game kept gaining more and more players.

Fortnite eventually got to 20 million players in 6 weeks, 30 million in nearly 3 months, 45 million in 16 weeks, than a ginormous 125 million players in less than one year. Back in March 2019, Epic announced its player number hovered around 250 million, which is a year ago. Safe to say the game has gotten even bigger by now.

Fortnite didn't grow as fast at first but kept growing and growing until it becomes the top dog

So Warzone has a long way to go still to really topple the current throne held by Fortnite. And with the current coronavirus outbreak going around, Warzone's number got an extra boost other games didn't have.

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