Catch the Head is the new indie action game developed by Horos Interactive. The game is making its way to Steam with an expected release date of August 30.

Catch The Head 4
Catch the Head - A new game by Horos Interactive.

Overall, the upcoming action-platformer will give players nostalgia for the '90s with dark humor and intense action. "Catch The Head" is actually the name of the in-game Underworld's favorite TV show, and the new season is about to start.

Catch The Head 1
The new season of Hell's favorite show is coming.

Channel-7 is now ready to bring a smash hit to the audience. There are a total of 17 participants for you to choose from. After forming a team of 3 members, each one represents one class of Rangers, Brawlers, or Supporters. You will be a part of this six-month event. On the stages that were carefully crafted by seven well-known celebrities in Hell, your team's mission is pretty simple: seek for the sigils and summon them, then hunt them down and catch them!

To become the winner, you have to learn your team's weaknesses and strengths. By using the right combinations of abilities, no enemy stands a chance against you. Catch the Head also features lots of puzzle elements. So get ready to face deadly traps and challenging riddles while participating in the show!

Catch The Head 2
Catch the Head has many different stages.

According to Catch the Head's Steam page, the developer has brought 21 different stages to the game. The places vary from factories, haunted buildings to ships, medieval castles, and the skies above.

More interestingly, you can experience the Underworld's favorite show with 3 camera angles. As the show progresses, your angle of view will shift too. No matter if it is third-person, sidescrolling or top-down, stick to your mission to hunt down the heads.

Catch The Head 3
The camera view will change throughout the show.

However, if you have spare time, just sit down and listen to in-game characters talking. With over two hours of dialogues, seems like you can actually learn a lot about the lore of the underworld through gossip and rumors.

Catch The Head will expectedly come out on August 30 through Steam.