Just a while ago, Atlus has updated the website for Catherine: Full Body, details their newest difficulty to the game. With the name of "Safety Mode", this is a mode aim at casual players, allow them to just sit back and enjoy the story of the game.

The original version of Catherine released in 2011 by Atlus, which becomes one of the greatest game on PS3 system. The success of the games come from its brilliant - yet hilarious storyline, along with unique style of puzzle and the pace of gameplay. But, to some casual players, the puzzles of Catherine can become too hard and frustrating at times.

Tower-climbing sections of Catherine is too hard to some players

That's why Atlus has implement this new "Safety Mode" for Catherine: Full Body, to make the game appealing to all kind of players in the world. As we can see in the video belows, on Safety Mode, player can solve all the puzzles of the game anyway they like. They can choose to remove all the traps and the time limit of levels. Or for those who are even lazier, there is an auto-play mode which will automaticly plays the game for you.

Catherine: Full Body Safety Mode in action:

Also, there is a new game mode for veteran player, which is Arrange Mode. On this mode, the game will modify all the stage layout, with randomized traps and blocks to provide a greater challenge. On this mode, every playthrough of the game will be fresh and fun-filled.

For those who are new with this game, Catherine: Full Body is the updated re-release of the Original Catherine in 2011, introduce a brand new route and new characters to the game. There is a new girl - Rin, new story events, and even a crossover event with Persona 5 - another famous game from Atlus.

The game will be released in Japan on February 14, for PS4 and PSVita systems.