Recently, the Xbox One has just officially released the additional mouse and keyboard support, both of which are provided by Razer. The keyboard and mouse duo cost $250 called Razer Turret. Beneath the keyboard is a built-in mouse pad for the player to sit on the couch and easily place it on their thighs.

22 games that support mouse and keyboard on the current Xbox One

In the Turret product promotion, Razer has released games that support mouse and keyboard play on the Xbox One, including: Bomber Crew, Gears of War 5, Children of Morta, Fortnite, Gears Tactics, Day-Z, Minecraft, Deep Rock Galactic, Moonlighter, Minion Masters,  Sea of Thieves, Roblox, The Sims 4,  Surviving Mars, Strange Brigade, X-Morph: Defense , Vigor, Warface, War Thunder, Warframe, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Wargroove.

The number of these mouse and keyboard support games is likely to increase in the near future because there are now plenty of people who can afford to invest in the Xbox's keyboard and mouse set.

Users can easily put on their lap when sitting because there are mouse pads integrated on Turret

However, the Gear 5 keyboard and mouse support isn't really impressive when in 2017, The Coalition brought the mixing of the Xbox One and PC. It has achieved good rankings in many lists after not finding any significant difference between a player's skill with the mouse and keyboard and the skill of playing by the gamepad. Many people will probably think of turning to Gears 5 because Gears remains to be a rare game of shooting genre that doesn't make gamepad players disadvantaged.

Besides, Razer also announced PUBG as one of the games with mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One. In contrast, PUBG Corp claimed that the information was not correct. It seems that they have no intention of dividing players based on that.

On the other hand, Fortnite will separate players from two types. Players using a mouse and keyboard on the PS4 or Xbox One will be brought into the lobby to compete with other players also use peripheral devices like them.

Fortnite will categorize players based on gamepad or mouse and keyboard

In the future there will be more keyboard and mouse manufacturers dedicated to playing Xbox One, of course, more games will be added to the list soon. In the meantime, we have 22 officially supported games that control the mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One.

Microsoft allows game developers to have full access to this new support because not all games are necessary to participate in this.