Civil: The Game is an upcoming multiplayer RPG that promises to bring a world of infinite possibilities. It combines the most interesting elements of several genres, including tycoon, social, and survival.  The basic principle is straightforward: You create your character, then find ways to become rich and work your way to the top of society. However, Civil is open to practically all playstyles. You can do anything you want in this game, whether alone or with friends. From trading to decorating your own home and hanging out with friends, you name it, and it is there in Civil: The Game to satisfy you. Furthermore, you can make more friends along the way as well.

Civil: The Game trailer

All this sounds pretty laid-back, but Civil has something to offer for hardcore players who want to be on top of the game as well. To achieve that goal, you can choose to be either good or evil. Good people follow a “clean” career and prosper through hard-working. Evil individuals, on the other hand, participate in more shady activities. They lead a life with more freedom, but it also comes at the cost of more competition and more danger.

Civil The Game

Or maybe you don’t want to follow the rules and just want to stir things up by doing unconventional things such as building a tower entirely of furniture? Well, good news: You can! There’s just no limits in Civil: The Game! You can even hijack a car and run over innocent people if you wish. Of course, doing so will mark you as an outlaw, meaning you can no longer take “good guy” jobs, so you need to look for illegal contracts, such as becoming an assassin for hire or robbing banks.  Be careful, though: If you are killed, it’s all over!

Civil The Game 2

Civil does have basic rules, but for the most part the control is put in the hands of the players. When you have saved up a decent amount of money, you can choose to found your own organization and hire other players to work for you. Additionally, there are tons of side activities and hobbies to take your mind off of all the hard work, such as music, art, sports, or cooking, just to name a few.

Civil: The Game is currently looking for testers. If you are interested, you can sign up on its official website.