The ambitious new colony simulation game RimWorld from the hands of Ludeon Studios' small team has finally exited its early access. This game now costs players at least $34.99 on both its official website as well as on Steam. It can be compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

RimWorld initially was available at a discount in the early access stage. According to Ludeon Studios, the game has been sold successfully more than literally a million times.

This game is a surprise success

The genre of colony simulation is actually fairly small with hardcore titles having a tendency to loom quite large. A prime example is Dwarf Fortress. Playing RimWorld, the player will take on a role of overseeing three colonists who crash-landed their way to a new and alien world. Just like all the games in this genre, the player will not control the colonists directly. Instead, you can suggest tasks, set priorities, or issue orders to the colonists and wait for them to finish. The colonists have their own simulated set of desires, wants, and needs that will have impacts on the performance.

RimWorld Launch Trailer

RimWorld is a different game from the settings. Its developers have stated that the game took inspiration not only from Dune universes, Warhammer 40,000, and the TV show Firefly. Ludeon Studios also stressed that the game is built intentionally to become a machine to tell stories. Every single game has their own narrative controlled by a quite sophisticated AI.

You cannot control the colonists directly

RimWorld has been under development for a whole five years by Ludeon with its founder Tynan Sylvester leading the way. This project came to fame after a writer made questions on the portrayal of sexuality and gender. Then, Sylvester called the accusations as a “moralistic witch hunt”.

Sylvester has taken the release of the game as a chance to take a short break, and inform the fans about the next steps of the team.

Sylvester wrote that he plans to continue with updating creative content and translations made by fans. There would likely be an additional bug-patch. He did not give any more promise as nothing had been decided and would just focus on celebrating.